A price increase is (zhǎng jià 长价)

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Living in China used to be cheap but that’s no longer the case anymore. With China’s booming economy and the quick rise of the middle and the upper middle classes, the prices of goods and services have been increasing quite drastically.

For example, when I went shopping for winter clothing this winter, I found that a child’s suit of quilted pyjamas, which used to cost RMB25 now costs RMB35.

Also, I could buy children’s socks or underwear for about RMB8 but now, I have to pay RMB10-15. I am thankful that I invest in good quality clothing and shoes because the boy’s clothes can actually be handed down to his sister, which saves me a bundle and the bother of having to shop for clothes and shoes etc all over again!

His shoes? None of them can be handed down because they are all worn out! Yup, my son wears out his shoes in a way I have never seen before! Only his father understands him and his father will also agree to my buying good quality shoes for him.

Can you believe that this kid wears shoes that costs around RMB100? The cheapest pair I’ve ever bought him is RMB45, which he brought home in his backpack the next day after school because the straps gave way! I was mortified to see him coming back in a pair of bright ORANGE shoes (someone else’s spare pair of shoes) and learned my lesson.

His RMB100 pair of shoes lasts for about 6 months of daily wear, which I think is fair because they look quite battered by the end of their life cycle! Nobody else would want them and definitely not his dainty little sister.

Luckily, there is not 长价 zhǎng jià in the bus fare, which is still RMB1 per trip during winter and RMB2 during summer (for air-conditioning). His poor mother has to take the public bus (and not taxis) in order to save money for his shoes. If you see me shopping, you know I’m looking for shoes!

A sexy nurse outfit??? I have seen shops selling kinky suits like this but they’ll have to wait for the blue moon when Mummy has more money to spare 😉