1. When I go to the market, I am also confused by all the different types of fish. So end up just buying the fish I know… so usually pompfret (black and white ones), snapper (red and white), normal grouper, salmon and the yellowtail. That’s about it.
    I know there is Kurau but I don’t know how to see.
    Once I bought this fish that looks like star grouper but turned out donno what. It was soooooooooo blardy tough like eating rock. So takut liow. Better stick to fish I know…

  2. NomadicMom – Don’t you hate that? I once bought some ‘new’ species too but they were rather stale. And guess what? The ayis continued to cook and serve them! I was horrified and asked them if they’d smelled anything fishy. They said “yes” but didn’t want to say anything bad about something we’re going to eat! Speechless.

    Paik Ling – I wonder if there’s a “I only know how to buy a few type of fish only” club? We should both join it, eh? 😉

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