Why I don’t eat sausages

Or ham.

But just a bit of bacon.

Recently, China Daily reported 100 children falling sick from “nitrite intoxication” at a kindergarten in Shaanxi province. In case you don’t know:

“Sodium nitrite is used for the curing of meat because it prevents bacterial growth and, in a reaction with the meat’s myoglobin, gives the product a desirable dark red color. Because of the toxicity of nitrite (the lethal dose of nitrite for humans is about 22 mg per kg body weight), the maximum allowed nitrite concentration in meat products is 200 ppm. Under certain conditions, especially during cooking, nitrites in meat can react with degradation products of amino acids, forming nitrosamines, which are known carcinogens.”

(Source: Wikipedia)

Although bacon, ham and sausages are sold in the malls or supermarkets selling imported food, I am still quite hesitant because most of them have been re-packaged. Thus, the list of ingredients are in Chinese or badly-translated English. I once bought a pack of sausages, which turned out to be rather slimy with a STRONG chemical smell.

Luckily, a friend and I shared a pack and we rinsed them with water several times before we dared to cook them! We never bought the sausages again.

The only cured meat we eat in China are the ones served by 5-star hotels and established foreign restaurants.

And that is why I don’t need weight loss supplements when I am back in China There is hardly anything fun for me to eat here. :S

I have finished my last *tiny* pack of Cheezels and am craving for some yummy junk food like Twisties BBQ flavour or even that darned Mamee.

You may ask why don’t I just buy Lays potato crisps here? Well, the Lays here are Made in China and do not taste the same as the original expensive Lays back home in Cold Storage…

I wonder if I should contact my uncle who said he’d be happy to send me a package of food? After all, I can only go home in August!!!

I will definitely die if I don’t get any junk food before then…

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  • Hey, email me your address and your wish list. Will send them off to you.

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    A Mom’s Diary – Really, really??? Cheezels, come to Mama!!!!