Carina Lau Kar-ling and SK II

If you don’t know who Carina Lau is, she is the famous wife of Hong Kong actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai, who is famous for his HKTVB series “Police Cadet” during the ’80s.

Carina Lau’s face stares at me at almost every billboard and poster on the streets of cities in China and mall buildings because she is the face for SK-II.

Out of curiosity, I went up close to one poster to stare at her face. It’s flawless. It’s translucent. It’s porcelain smooth but the woman is 45 years old!!!

Is it humanly possible for a 45 year old woman to have the skin of a 20 year old girl without Botox or plastic surgery???

I know a lot of Chinese women who have beautiful and fair skin but I have yet to meet one of her age with her skin.

I’m really curious about the anti wrinkle cream she claims she uses although I have not been that curious to try out SK II yet…

All I can say is this:

– Carina Lau has never had kids thus she has all the time in the world to eat healthy, exercise and also pamper herself with her beauty regime.

If you’re a Mum reading this, please don’t feel ugly when you see her, ok?

We’ve put our kids first because we love them. Take some time out to take care of YOU too, ok? ^_^

UPDATE (Jan 2016):

I have started drinking IZUMIO Hydrogen water and taking Super Lutein, which are 5-star dietary supplements. Wanna know more? Contact me here.

super lutein and izumio

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  • I am very tempted to try SKII too, but I heard that some chemicals they use are cancer producing leh.. , what is that word.. carnixxx?! So far, I have not tried it… but again, I think these photos must have been photoshopped, airbrushed and etc…

  • Kit

    Chew Lee – Ya, many cosmetics are carcinogenic. I’m very, very careful now with which brand I buy.

    You know about airbrushing too, eh? I think I wanna learn Photoshop too so I can have a smaller nose, plumper lips, slimmer face, higher forehead. I think easier I just paste her photo over my photo!!! Hahahaha. Sorry, it’s past my bedtime so a bit cuckoo…

  • Definitely air-brushed lah!

  • Kit