How’s the Weather?

Remember the post about “Tián jī” not being “heavenly chicken”?

I made that mistake because I associated the word “Tián” 田 (farm) with “Tiān” 天 (heaven). The typical banana would not be sensitive to the different sounds between the two words, especially when you connect it with a common word like “jī” 鸡(chicken).

Now that I know the difference, I will be able to remember that “Tián” 田 is a “farm” because it looks like a rice paddy field 😀

Oops, sorry, I’m supposed to talk about the other Tiān qì 天气!

While Tián jī 田鸡 (bullfrog) is pronounced with an emphasis on the first character and sounds very much like “sweet chicken”, Tiān qì 天气 (weather) is pronounced with a hard emphasis on the second word / character.

Well, I’ve learnt a new character i.e. “farm” but I’m wondering how I’m going to remember the “weather” character because it doesn’t look like the wind, the clouds, the rain or the sun!