Chinese Wedding Dresses

I have often helped family and friends prepare for their weddings.

I LOVE weddings but I can see how stressed the bride-to-be is, which of course, transfers to the bridegroom…

Do you know why? Preparations for a Chinese wedding are tedious and expensive especially when you need to satisfy a lot of older Chinese folks who don’t seem to agree on what is the “right” way to do things.

Ultimately, the basic “must-have” items for a traditional Chinese wedding are that they are RED (and gold), in pairs and have auspicious Chinese motifs e.g. dragon or phoenix:

Things may get complicated when the bride is from one Chinese dialect group and the bridegroom is from another dialect group.

No matter what, we will all be eating Chinese food at a Chinese restaurant with Chinese teacups, bowls, chopsticks etc.

Chinese characters and decorations will be all around us 😉

First, find the wedding gown.
Lucky for me, I managed to find a beautiful qipao that fitted me like a glove for the Chinese dinner.

Since I didn’t want to clash with the RED, RED, RED theme, I decided on an elegant and simple, golden qipao.

Shanghai Story has a lovely collection of cheongsam and qipao:

I don’t fit the average dress size, which meant that I had to find an evening gown that made me look fairer, slimmer and taller. I needed a miracle!!! 😀

Wandering around the bridal shop like Cinderella, I thought I’d have to settle for a blah evening gown when I saw this golden qipao in the bridal shop.

The assistants at the bridal shop were *doubtful* but since I didn’t look good in my evening gown, they thought, “What the heck?”

Voila! The qipao was perfect 😀

Even the wedding assistants were spellbound LOL Never say never, ok?

When I walked into the banquet hall, everyone said I looked really beautiful hehehehe

Many Chinese friends asked if I’d had it tailor made. They were surprised when they heard it wasn’t! I was so blessed.

, the wedding ceremony and a nice wedding dinner for your guests and most importantly, the MAN you’re marrying…

For my own “Chinese” wedding (and the church one), I had a lot of fun because I had really helpful friends 😀

First, a really, really, really nice girl helped me to translate the English wedding invitations into Chinese.

She told me what each section meant and what you’d usually write on a Chinese wedding invitation.

She was so sweet and patient because I not only asked many questions, I also asked, “Why do you need to do THAT?” In other words, I was a pain in the neck and butt.

I am grateful to her and most happy when she said, “I think I improved English by 150% just by working with you on your wedding invitation! I can explain everything in English now hahaha” 😉

Then, I created and designed a Chinese wedding invitation card!

I personally had a lot of fun doing that because I got to know so many friends and family and also explored my designing skills 🙂

I can tell many stories about preparing the wedding decorations, organizing the wedding dinner and being so picky and particular about the wedding guests that MANY people just wished they’d get married and be over with it. 😀

Hmm…I believe that weddings should be fun for everyone involved.  If  you’re going to bitch, complain and scream at the people who are helping you with the wedding, then I think you’re getting married for the wrong purpose!

When anyone tells me they’re getting married, I always tell them to relax and not sweat the small details.

While most people boast how expensive their bridal photos were, how expensive their wedding gowns and evening gowns are, how expensive the wedding caterers were and how expensive the wedding preparations were, I delight in telling them how low budget mine was hahaha

In the end, we managed to pull TWO wedding dinners in two different cities and maintained both our jobs and our sanity.

I think I should be a wedding planner!

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  • LifeJuicer Link

    Couldn’t agree more on how ridiculous weddings could cost. I know many couples put on hold their big day due to budget and suffer the ‘when are you getting married?’ bombards.

    But I also always advise friends that don’t worry about money. Money will certainly come even though later (in forms of red packets). Esp. for Chinese weddings, EVERYONE gives money.

    I was on the chunky side when I got married, limiting the choice of wedding gown too. But the gown I wore, although from very few options, was beautiful and I felt beautiful. *snorts*

    Lastly, do you see how ‘digitized’ weddings are now?? Back in our days our photos were all analog and videos were in video cassettes still. The year I got married digital cameras were just crawling in the market, thus, we have film photos and video cassette for the wedding. It’s either we got married an year too early or the digital age wasn’t early enough for us cos after that year, everything changed! Even dinners have video presentations and what nots! Last time you had to be very close with the wedding couple to get a view of their wedding photos and now everything is shared the next second the wedding shots were done! I was too busy to process the wedding photos to distribute the friends and ended up scolded by our wedding sponsors when they received photos only after a year.

  • I really enjoyed preparing for my wedding too, and always thought that I’ll enjoy being a wedding planner coz I’ll be working with happy people and happy occasions.

    Blessed 2011 to you and family.

  • I wore a gold colour qi pao too… my wedding was on low budget too, no even a set of bridal photos, just dinner. We only did the bridal photos after we we got some spare cash, which was like 5 years later.

  • Kit Link

    LifeJuicer – Hahaha, you actually gave out your wedding photos a year later? I think we were quite late too but I can’t recall if it was more than a year. But I agree with you that couples should get married without worrying too much about the budget IF they are in love and ready to start a life together.

    A Mom’s Diary – I loved preparing for my own wedding too, especially when a lot of Hubby’s relatives and friends chipped in. I had to organize a church wedding and TWO wedding dinners in different cities. Looking at the photos make me smile 😀

    Chew Lee – I think I spent too much on the bridal photos, which I would have put towards the down payment for a car or a house. Our honeymoon was low-budget but I got loads of chocolates and my precious cookware set hahaha