Shopping for the husband

During my spring cleaning sessions this week, I found that I have been shopping for the boy, shopping for the girl and shopping for me but I forgot about the most important person in our lives – my husband and the kids’ father.

Shopping for my husband is both easy and difficult.

Shopping for his clothes is easy because he can wear almost any color. His tall and well-built frame also makes it easy for me to look for nice shirts and nice pants for him.

I actually enjoy browsing through men’s clothing because I like seeing my husband looking handsome in a well-matched suit when he goes to work or when we go out together.

The only difficult part about shopping for his clothes are the little quirks he (and his son!!!) share:

  • no thick fabrics
  • no scratchy fabrics
  • no fluffy fabrics – both of them only like cotton velour on cushions
  • no high necklines
  • jackets instead of sweaters

Now that I remember these 5 important points, shopping for men’s clothes and boy’s clothes are a breeze.

How is shopping for your husband (or boyfriend) like?

2 thoughts on “Shopping for the husband

  1. Urghh I dread shopping for my Hubby because he’s fine with anything and everything! That doesn’t help with narrowing down the options. Plus, men’s stuffs are usually boring. The interesting ones like gadgets are expensive. So for this year, I bought him a box of expensive Danish cookies as Christmas gift :)

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