1. I can understand your frustration when living in China and you don’t really understand the language. However, you are doing great…

    Merry Christmas to you and your family… come over to Europe for Christmas one year… am sure all of you will enjoy it…

  2. Kit

    Chew Lee – Thanks for understanding. I really appreciate it especially as *many* people seem to think that I’m enjoying life when it’s just the opposite.

    China is an amazing country but the cuisine, culture and language are definitely a challenge to me.

    Christmas in Europe will be such a treat for the kids :D Will have to see if their parents can scrape together that much money to fly the four of us over. Dream, dream, dream…

  3. I can fully understand that, because when I first moved to Germany, I didn’t know the language too. It was a struggle for me to adjust to the culture and integrate myself to the society… The only channel I watched was CNN, the rest were in German, which I didn’t understand a word… but slowly but surely, you will learn to love China – certain aspect of China, I am sure, it is a great experience to live in another country, other than Malaysia.

  4. Chew Lee – I know how hard it is to move to a new country, adapt to a new culture and keep your own culture alive too. You’re doing a fabulous job!!!

    Our move to China was full of negativity from almost all fronts, especially as we have young children to care for.

    Life in China is challenging because:
    a) I’m only used to simple, MSG-free Chinese food my Mum prepares – you can tell that I’m not an adventurous eater or a huge fan of Chinese food ;-)
    b) it’s a developing country with poor medical services and a lot of counterfeit products including medicines!!!
    c) Money, profit and survival are the driving forces behind almost everyone’s actions e.g. melamine in milk
    d) I didn’t understand the language
    e) I didn’t get the culture and
    f) the kids are always falling sick!
    g) I’m a terrible housewife…

    If you met me back home, you will see that I ALWAYS have a long packing/shopping list but now we have a system that helps a lot. And the system is “programmed” into my brain hahaha

    Slowly, I am loving certain aspects of China, the Chinese language, the Chinese culture and what it means to be “Chinese”.

    After all, my kids are Chinese! As a Mum, I will help them to know and appreciate their culture :D Thanks for encouraging me – you are my inspiration!

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