Supermarket in China

Is one of the my least favourite activities.

One, REALLY loud music is blaring from loudspeakers everywhere.

Two, sales promoters stationed at every corner will smile and invite you to take a pamphlet, try their samples or talk really quickly and loudly into a cordless microphone as he/she blend vegetables, squeeze a mop or some other product demonstration…

I am pushing the shopping cart with a really annoying boy who is constantly asking me questions or refusing to put on his coat or follow me etc.

Can’t they see I’m tied up that I can’t look or listen to what they are saying???

Three, since I can’t read Chinese, I choose the products by photos or whatever English words I can see on the packaging. In many cases, what you see is NOT what you get!

Thus, I am learning to read more and more Chinese characters if possible.

I will try my best to grab what I need and move on without asking for help. Because if I do, the sales assistant will start telling me a lot of things…

Why can’t they just leave me in peace to shop and browse things by myself? I don’t really like to interact with sales staff unless they are truly knowledgeable about the items on sale.

In a way, I am quite happy to shop with the kids because if the Chinese sales people still insist on hounding us like the British paparazzi, the boy will stand up and loudly yell:

“不要 (bù yào)! 不要 (bù yào)!”

Keep it up, kiddo 😀