Beggars in the market

This morning, we saw a young beggar in the market. He didn’t have a shirt on (it’s about 25 deg C) and he’s dragging his body all through the wet market street calling out to people.

I was totally caught off guard but it’s a stark reminder of the millions of people around the world who are without a home, food and cold weather clothing this winter.

I have been so busy with cooking, housekeeping, caring for the kids, homework, school projects and other facets of daily life that I forget about such others out there.

Furthermore, the kid keeps clamoring for a new toy EACH time I take him out for a walk to the bakery or the sundry shop, I’m just too frazzled to think about anything else.

Now, I have a “NO TOYS or NO WALK” rule to settle the problem.

This Christmas, as we go about our shopping for BIG presents like a television, TVs or even a LCD tv, hopefully during the Black Friday rush, I must remember to think of the less fortunate out there.

Back home, our church would organize a “buy a present” for the months leading to Christmas where anyone could just put the presents in a basket in front of the church for collection.

The priest would advise the parishioners to buy USEFUL items that would help the less fortunate get by another month or so e.g.

  • staple foods – rice, milk powder, sugar, Milo, Nescafe etc
  • canned foods – sardines,
  • household products – soap, shampoo, shower cream, toothpaste
  • new suits of clothes for children e.g. nice beautiful dresses, jeans and t-shirts that YOU would buy for your own children. No ugly and cheap clothes, please.
  • stationery for school – cute pencil boxes, pencils.

I wonder if the church or other groups are organizing anything like this here. It’s a bit difficult because the China government will probably need to approve of any “group” activities…

Let’s hope we can make some people (other than our kids) happy this Christmas!