REVIEW: Bath and Body Works Pleasures – Sparkling Peach and Japanese Cherry Blossom

When Hubby saw his colleague buying nearly 5 tubes each (US$10) of Bath and Body Works Pleasures Sparkling Peach and Japanese Cherry Blossom for his wife, he got really curious and asked the man about it.

All the man could say is that his wife really likes Bath and Body Works body lotion and that it couldn’t be found in Malaysia.

Thus, he had to buy as many tubes as he could carry home without getting taxed!

My dear (but blur) husband decided to get a tube each for his dear wife :D

Now, when I get presents that I do not ask nor wish for, I must always remember the golden words:

“It’s the thought that counts.”

Especially when the gifts are from my dear husband!

Bath and Body Works Pleasures Sparkling Peach

Since I like to eat peaches and I also like the scent of peaches, I decided to try this body cream first.

I was taken aback by how “sweet” the peach scent was. Seriously, I smelled of P-E-A-C-H-E-S for a good few hours after I applied the body cream. Even the bedroom smelled of peaches!

But the boy loved it! He couldn’t stop sniffing all around me in appreciation and exclaiming,

“Mmmm…this lotion is sooooo nice! Mummy, you smell very, very, very, very, very, very nice. I LIKE this lotion!”

I love my son a lot but there’s no way I will use this body cream every night!

Here’s the other thing I didn’t like about the Bath and Body Works body cream – it’s a cream, not a lotion. Thus, the body cream is thick and quite hard to slather on. As a busy Mum with barely any time to even clean, tone or moisturize her face, I definitely don’t have time to slowly rub body cream in! That’s why I prefer body lotions or even body oils.

Lastly, I was put off by the incredibly long list of ingredients…

Bath and Body Works Pleasures – Japanese Cherry Blossom

I love the look of this tube – I really do. Don’t you think that the red, black and white colour combinations are so strikingly attractive? I do love simple, bold designs.

The scent of the Japanese Cherry Blossom is even stronger than the Sparkling Peach and for someone who stays away from strong perfumes e.g. Christian Dior, Chanel No. 5, Shalimar and Poison, I initially felt that this scent was overpowering.

Interestingly, the Japanese Cherry Blossom has a nice lingering scent, which was NOT cloying at all :D In fact, it was quite nice.

The Japanese Cherry Blossom is a:

“seductive and mysterious scent…of Asian pear, mimosa petals, Kyoto rose and Himalayan cedarwood.”

The boy didn’t have any opinion on this though LOL

Later, I found out that theJapanese Cherry Blossom is part of the Bath and Body Works Signature Collection and has a body lotion, anti-bacterial gentle foaming hand soap, deep-cleansing hand gel (?), fragrance mist and eau de toilette.

There’s also a lovely gift set if you’re shopping for a nice present:

Now, if I had been at the Bath and Body Works section and since I prefer fresh, light, citrus-y and relaxing scents, I would have tried coconut, lemon, eucalyptus, juniper, verbena and especially warm vanilla sugar (mmm, sounds so delicious!!!) for myself:

Oh well, Hubby isn’t going to the US anytime in the near future, which means I’ll have to wait for the blue moon to sniff at the other scents from Bath and Body Works. At least I got to know Sparkling Peach and Japanese Cherry Blossom, right? :D