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A weekend taxi driver

One busy weekend, we made the mistake of taking the kids to the mall. Why big mistake? Because it’s SUPER, SUPER, SUPER crowded!

All the Chinese are out with their families i.e. father, mother, kid, grandfather, grandmother, mother-in-law, father-in-law etc

All the cashier counters are jam-packed with Chinese families doing their weekend grocery shopping and it’s quite common to hear angry outbursts here and there when the poor cashier makes a wrong calculation or overcharges a customer.

Sometimes, the wrong price is tagged to a product -_- if this happens to me, I’d rather not buy the item than go back to the weighing counter etc!

All the public toilets are FULL of Chinese.

All the restaurants, except the expensive, foreign or weird restaurants, are packed to the brim with long lines of hungry Chinese waiting to eat.

What’s the worst? NO TAXIS.

Yup, then Hubby will be struggling under the weight of the shopping bags, the backpack and sometimes the baby if the boy decides he wants me to hold is hand or carry him as he’s tired of walking. Of course, I don’t carry him but I’ll sort of “drag” him along. He’s happy anyway…

We were looking here and there anxiously fighting to grab the first taxi that stops and drops off a passenger – I’d literally lunge at the taxi door if I’m really tired! It’s a dog eat god world out there during this time especially as we’ve had the more powerful Chinese push in front of us a few times in the past.

Tired of rushing around, we stood and rested for a while. Then, a Chinese guy came up to us and asked us where we’re headed. I was suspicious although I was really tired but when the guy offered a slightly hire price than the usual taxi fare, Hubby said OK.

I was surprised to see the guy leading us to a sparkling new Hyundia Sonata – I believe they were full-leather seats and you can even smell the new leather. The boy LOVED the car!

The guy was kinda shy when he approached us but he brought us home pretty quickly and I was grateful. I told Hubby it was weird for him to own such a beautiful new car for a weekend taxi.

Hubby said the bad economy of 2009 affected quite a lot of people especially those who bought luxury items such as new cars for the Spring Festival. He said the guy’s probably trying to make some extra cash to maintain the car loan.

When I heard that, I felt kind of sorry for the guy and his family. I don’t think he has any payday advance loans at his disposal…

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