I finally tried the stinky tofu (chòu dòu fǔ 卖臭豆)

Almost everyday, I pass this smelly tofu vendor on the street. Besides that, there are also vendors selling steamed sweet potato, fresh dim sum, fresh soya bean drinks, steamed bao, bread and man tou and some deep fried fritters.

Now, I generally avoid street food no matter which country I travel to especially as they would be the No. 1 culprits for diarrhea and food poisoning!

However, it’s been REALLY difficult to deny the delicious smells that waft over you as pass them preparing their fresh foods right under your nose. Plus, you see SO MANY people frequenting their stalls, they must be OK, right?

A few weeks ago, I succumbed to buying some fritters – the deep-fried batter circles filled with grated carrot and chives reminded me so, so, so much of the prawn fritters I used to love as a kid! Although it was a let-down to discover that his fritters didn’t have any prawns, they were still wonderfully delicious when topped with sweet chilli sauce 😀

Mmmmm…really good when it’s hot off the wok! Plus, it’s only 1 yuan each! I’ve had 4 pieces so far but I think I’ll give it a break. It’s a lot of useless calories anyway.

Now, if you’ve smelled smelly tofu being fried, you’ll know how STINKY the tofu is. You can smell it almost a mile away (ok, I exaggerate) but you get the picture.

Although it’s truly pungent, there’s a kind of “deliciously stinky” appeal to it, if you know what I mean? Kinda like durians? It smells like hell to foreigners but we love it, right? I can’t say the same for cencaluk but I know the Kelantanese swear by it too…

Anyway, I passed this lady deep-frying the smelly tofu a few days ago when I took the kids out for a walk.

I pass her all the time but I’ve never shown interest. I can’t since she’ll start plying her wares that I can’t say no! And I hate to lead people on…

I have to blame it on this woman who was standing next to her stall just wolfing down those pieces of deep-fried tofu.

The strong scent of the smelly tofu and the sight of the lady tucking in hungrily was just too much. Plus, the fussy little boy said he wanted some!

Would you believe it???

For 1.50 yuan, we got 4 pieces of smelly tofu basted with some brown sauce, some chilli paste and some sweet chilli sauce.

No idea what the brown paste is but mmmm, it was delicious!!!

The boy told the lady he didn’t want any cucumber strips but he didn’t mind the sweet chilli sauce. He ate 2 pieces while I ate a total of 6 squares.

The result? 2 days of diarrhea, 2 ultracarbon pills, 1 pack of oral rehydration salts and a long lecture from Hubby 😛

It may not have been a hygiene issue since the boy is OK – it could be the freshly cut cucumber that upset my sensitive stomach?

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Whenever I am having stomach discomforts, I just rub 2-3 drops of DiGize (preferably diluted with 1 tsp of virgin coconut oil or your favourite carrier oil) over my belly and feel relief from inhaling the soothing aroma and the warming sensation on my abdomen area. Bliss…

I have also applied DiGize essential oil for the little ones and they feel comforted too ^_^

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  • Paik Ling Link

    Brave girl!! I took a bite once (in HK) and spat it out instantly. Smelled and tasted like a really old pair of socks!!!!

  • Paik Ling – Definitely did NOT smell like old pair of socks!!! In fact, I feel like trying it again 😛

  • a-moms-diary Link

    Haha…your boy’s stomach is stronger than yours 🙂