1. Kit

    Leeyen – I wouldn’t have thought of it either that’s why I’m always thankful to my grandmother for teaching me this 😀 By the way, I have a friend who can cook beef rendang and a whole lot of dishes with the rice cooker LOL She’s really hebat!!!

  2. Etceteramommy

    Thanks for sharing. Will print out this claypot secret recipe. :)

    Reminds me of my flatmate back in Uni who taught us to cook chicken rice using the cooker too.

  3. Anita

    any more left for me? wah… just see the picture ,,,make me wanna eat the clypit rice at food court island plaza….
    I will try yours someday :)

  4. I make chicken in soy at least once a week but never thought of tipping it in with the rice to make it into claypot chicken. My girls love, love chicken in soy with their rice. Next time I’ll swap the new potatoes with the dried mushrooms (or just add it on with the potatoes?) and try this soon but doubt my hubby will be too pleased as he’s not keen on soy sauce. I have tried making chicken rice in the rice cooker though and it worked a treat.

  5. Kit

    Etceteramommy – I’m flattered you’re printing out my simple recipe! Do cook and see if it’s as tasty as I hope it is ok?

    Anita – Island Plaza Food Court??? Been years since I’ve been there and I don’t even know if the food stalls are still the same. Sadly, many things have changed and I miss a lot of old food stalls everywhere. That’s why we must learn to cook!

    Melina – Hmm…potatoes would change this recipe quite a bit i.e. double the carbo. Any reason why Hubby doesn’t like soy sauce i.e. the look, the smell or the taste? I know I use more dark soy sauce than my mother-in-law would but Hubby’s ok with it. Do try your potato version and let us know how it turns out, ok?

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