You’re beautiful as you are…

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We were in a restaurant one day and I was flipping through a woman’s magazine when I came across this page (see left).

I don’t know who she is but I believe she is a famous Chinese /Korean model for a cosmetic or skincare product.

She is already such a beautiful girl yet someone had drawn in some lines to “chisel off” the outer edges of her jaw!

Can you believe this???

No wonder there are so many depression / suicide cases nowadays. With such pressure on people, who can live up to someone’s impossibly high expectations?

The interesting part is that OTHER PEOPLE tend be the source of pressure. I think that we’re quite happy as we are until someone tells you something negative about yourself…

And you know what? Usually, it’s because that person is jealous.

I know someone who is really, really slim but her FAT and OBESE boyfriend is always scrutinizing her and telling her not to eat too much.

When she got too stressed over it, I told her:

“Look at yourself in the mirror. If I brought 10 people here, would they think you’re fat? If I brought the 10 people to see your boyfriend, would they think he’s fat? You are NOT fat! He IS fat, in fact, he’s TOO fat.”

Try to understand that these are mostly insecure, unhappy people who can’t see other people being happy.

If you feel unhappy with the way you look, be objective and think for yourself:

“Are you REALLY as fat/ thin/ dark/ old as someone said?”

Just do the 10 people test. If you think 10 people might say “yes”, then fine, it’s time to do something realistic about it. Remember – you must feel happy and good about yourself for what you’re going to do, OK?

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