When is Halloween, Mommy?

Last year, the boy didn’t get to celebrate Halloween because he attended a Christian preschool, which well, didn’t think it’s a necessary event. What a pity!

His previous preschool loved dressing-up so much the teachers looked even fancier than kids as they flitted and glided about as fairies, princesses and beauty queens 😉

This year, the new kindergarten will be dressing up to the nines because the folks who run it love drama…

The boy has already shared what he thinks what his father, mother and the baby should dress up as:

  1. He – a pumpkin;
  2. Mummy – a witch -_-
  3. Father – a bat
  4. Baby – a spider!

I was like, “A pumpkin??? Are you sure?”
“YES!!!!! A s-c-a-r-y pumpkin…aaarghhhh!” (with exaggerated “scary face”). Okay. Mummy gets the picture.

Previously, I bought a ready-made costume because I only knew about the celebration at the last minute. If he hadn’t mentioned “pumpkin”, I woud have been thinking of THESE *cute* costumes of Batman, Spiderman, Fireman, A Chef or even a mini Darth Vader (from “Star Wars”, my favourite sci-fi movie!!!):

Oh, well. If he’s happy to be a cute little pumpkin, maybe Mummy can spend more time thinking about her own sexy halloween costumes? Why let the kids have all the fun, right? 😉

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  • hehehehehe… he has good imagination!!!

  • we are having halloween party for Malaika and of course inviting some of her friends and our family friends with kids, with dressing up too… She wants to be Tinkerbell. Just bought her the costume…

  • Kit Link

    Angeleyes – Don’t you think he’s like a little dictator??? Luckily, the little “spider” doesn’t give in to all his demands…

    Chew Lee – Tinkerbell would be really cute!!! Can’t wait to see the photos, if I can.