The Candida Diet

During the summer of 2009, I had the WORST yeast infection ever, which actually began in spring and lasted till autumn!

I Googled frantically and came upon the Candida diet, which needed me to:

i) Eliminate all sugars

ii) Eliminate all carbs including starches and starchy vegetables and

ii) Eat a lot of FATS

Here’s my daily diet during that time:

Spanish omelette

You’ll find a lot of eggs, ham/bacon in this frittata fried with unsalted butter or good old VCO.

Artisana Organics Raw Coconut Oil – (414 g)


Steamed eggs (chawanmushi)

Since I had to prepare breakfast for two little ones, I ate their high fat, high protein, low carb dishes too


Stir-fry squid with red, green and yellow capsicum


Simple stir-fry with unsalted butter

Stir-fry protein side dishes e.g. clams


Full-fat, all-natural yoghurt

Yup, I even made my own yoghurt, which was taken both orally and topically 😉


I also bought a lot of minerals and supplements from iHerb.

Cod liver oil

One of the best things I’ve tried is cod liver oil coz the kids did really well on them especially during the cold weather.

Here are the minerals and supplements I’ve ordered from iHerb:

a) Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod Liver Oil (Orange flavour) – 473 ml/16 fl oz
b) Garden of Life Olde World Icelandic Cod Liver Oil (Lemon & Mint flavour) – 236 ml/8 fl oz
c) Country Life Vitamin E – 400 iu (180 softgels)
d) Nature’s Way Vitamin B 50 complex
e) Vitamin D
f) Vitamin C
g) Now Foods Calcium and Magnesium supplements

Hang in there, babe! Stick with this diet and RESIST all carbs – it will go away, I promise. NO flucanozole needed.