AVENT, MAM or Tommee Tippee BPA-free baby bottles ?

Whether you’re a breastfeeding or formula-feeding Mother, the decision of which BRAND of baby bottle you buy probably depends on:

a) price
b) anti-colic?
c) ease of washing
d) supportive of breastfeeding and
e) safety especially with the latest buzz on BPA-free plastics.

As an avid AVENT supporter from the start since 2006, it has been tough switching from AVENT to another brand, especially as my boy is very particular about his brand of baby bottles.

Now that I have another baby, I am trying out Tommee Tippee and MAM.

1. Phillips-AVENTΒ 

+ HIGHLY supportive of breastfeeding i.e. 0, 1 and 2 nipples feature a S-L-O-W drip, which means the baby will not experience a) nipple confusion (common in babies who have been introduced to the bottle with a fast flow) and b) nipple rejection;
+ wide-necked bottle, which is easy to wash
+ anti-colic (at least I’ve not had colic problems so far because I breastfeed and burp the baby fine?)

*BEST* Philips Avent Breast SCF330/30 Pump Manual, Clear ($25.99)
– Enhanced design allows you to sit in a more comfortable expressing position
– Soft massage cushion with warm feel gently stimulates natural let down and milk flow
– Includes Philips Avent natural bottle and teat for natural latch on making it easier to combine breast and bottle feeding

Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle Newborn Starter Gift Set, ($40.89) Philips Avent Natural Baby Bottle, Blue ($29.90)

2. Tommee TippeeΒ 
(right: clear, hourglass shaped bottle in the photo)

I thought that Tommee Tippee would replace AVENT due to its super soft nipple πŸ˜‰

+ Made of polypropylene (PP) – BPA-free!
+ Relatively cheaper than AVENT

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Colour My World Baby Bottle, Anti-Colic, Breast-like Nipple – Girl

The nipple deflates MANY TIMES during a baby’s feed – My baby is only drinking 4 oz now but I’ve had to pull the nipple out gently because she’s sucked it flat. The nipple is also in danger of coming out of the white ring and spilling milk all over everyone!


I think that Tommee Tippee is incredibly innovative with the Express and Go Pouches (20 pcs) because you can express directly into a pre-sterilised pouch using any pump you like.

  • Pouch clicks securely to in pump and bottle so no need to transfer milk.
  • Single use pouch, pre-sterilised for complete safety.
  • Screw top lid for security whilst stored in fridge or freezer.
  • Fits pumps from all major brands using the Tommee Tippee Express & Go breast pump adapter set
  • Compact, lightweight and recyclable.
Tommee Tippee Pump and Go Breast Milk Storage Bags, For Storing and Freezing Breast Milk – 70 Count

3. MAM Ulti-vent anti-colic bottle
(purple, pink and blue bottles in the photo)

+ various colours and super cute designs! I can differentiate between the milk and water bottles AND the boy’s and the girl’s bottles. Also, who doesn’t like a bit of colour?
+ made from polypropolene (PP), which is naturally BPA-free
+ relatively scratch-proof
+ unbreakable
+ can be separated into 3 sections, which makes for 100% cleanliness
+ relatively cheaper than AVENT

– NOT supportive of breastfeeding especially in the first few months because the nipple doesn’t encourage the ‘baby bird wide open’ mouth babies need in order to latch on for direct breastfeeding and

the FAST FLOW of liquids even at the smallest nipple No. 1 made my baby immediately reject the breast after just one session with MAM’s bottles!

Of all the THREE brands of baby bottles I have experienced with my two babies, I’d choose AVENT and Tommee Tippee bottles, especially as I want to breastfeed my baby girl.Β ^_^

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  • elle Link

    Hi, i’m your silent reader all these while and 1st time mom to be as well. I should have read ur post before i bot the bottles :(. I have bot tommee tippee steriliser which comes with the bottles . I have been toying the idea of either getting avent or tommee and due to the good reviews on net, i get tommee tippee in the end. But now after seen ur review, i started to regret it.

  • elle – Hi, dear! Nice to hear from a silent reader especially as I’m talking to myself a lot nowadays πŸ˜‰

    Don’t regret your Tommee Tippee just yet because you may find it work for you and your baby perfectly fine.

    During my full-time working Mum days, I bought A LOT of items which didn’t work on my first child at all but they work well on my second child.

    Cheer up, ok? You’re going to be a Mummy!!! It’s one of the BEST part about being a woman and you’ll find that it’s a lot of trial-and-error too πŸ˜‰

  • *gulp* just like elle, I bought the tommee steriliser that comes with the bottles. Oh well, like you said, let’s just try it on my baby first and if all else fails, I’ll just use them bottles to feed him water πŸ™‚

  • elle Link

    hahaha, ya. tat’s the best gift for me to be a mummy after trying for almost a decade. And maybe tat gives me the pressure to be able to give the best for my bb. My EDD is on mid Sept but till now, i still feel very lost. Thanks for the great post all these while, informative for first time mtb like me πŸ™‚

  • MieVee Link

    AVENT has 2 ranges of BPA-free bottles: polycarbonate honey-coloured ones (more expensive) and polypropylene clear ones. For my next baby, I’d probably still stick with AVENT to match our load of unused feeding accessories. (My boy rejected the bottle; we did TOO well in preventing nipple confusion. Haha!)

    Thank you for the useful review! πŸ™‚

  • i used playtex with the drop-in liners and they are great. no air at all (almost) since you get to squeeze out all air before feed and the nipples are really like the breast.. my daughter is on total BM and when she does take a bottle of EBM, she will do the same vibrating action on the playtex teat as on breast but she has never done for the other bottles (avent, pigeon, evenflo, nuk) πŸ™‚

  • Kit Link

    Peter Pan Mommy – No sweat – I know what it’s like to grab a deal LOL And hey, you sound like you have a back-up plan already so that sounds good!

    elle – I waited quite some time for both my kids too and I promise you, they are true treasures (even if they REALLY drive me crazy sometimes). Sept, eh? Looks like you’re all set with the “nesting”. You may find yourself heavier and more tired in the last 3 months so it’s best to rest and look forward to the birth then πŸ˜€

    reg – I’m very eco-friendly, which means I tend not to go for disposable stuff / plastic bags / ziplock bags etc. Breaks my heart to see the pile of disposable diapers filling up the trash which is why I’m into cloth diapers and re-usable stuff. No offence intended, k?

  • Smadar Samson Link

    KittyCat: Have you made sure to follow the instructions? –
    ( http://www.tommeetippee.us/faq_bottles_teats.html ) :
    8. Why is the nipple collapsing when my baby is feeding?
    The closer to nature nipples are very sensitive as it is made of specially designed silicone material which can sometimes stick together when not used, this is perfectly natural. To ensure the slit at the tip of the tent like valve can open before use, flush through with water and gently manipulate the valve between finger and thumb until you see the slit re open. This allows the air to flow into the bottle and prevents the teat collapsing.

    Also: you can hold the bottle in any orientation that you find comfortable.

  • Kit Link

    Smadar – Thanks for the link to TT on the nipples. Since I used new bottles, I don’t think I should be facing any problems with it since it was sterilised and cooled down before use. Anyway, I’ll check it out again πŸ™‚

  • peichyi Link

    hi there i’m a first time reader of your blog, great stuff!
    BTW, totally cannot agree more with you about the Tommee Tippee bottles. They drive me crazy … can’t read the oz scales cos it’s like almost transparent AND…the cap doesnt cap properly. ANDDDD the nipple keeps getting pushed in everytime! I’ve stopped using them and switched to Avent, which btw now has a BPA-free range. They are pricier, you gotta look out for the PES or PP bottles, it’s stated on the packaging. So perhaps you don’t have to switch after all?

  • Kit Link

    peichyi – So you faced the same problems too, eh? I hope that the Tommee Tippee folks are reading this. I am currently stuck with 3 pcs of 9 oz Tommee Tippee bottles and not sure if we’re going to get any use out of them.

    I’ve been using AVENT bottles all along and recently tried out the PES bottles, which crack really easily! Am so happy to stumble upon the PP ones and I quickly grabbed 6 πŸ˜€

  • desiree Link

    I have a question about the bottom valve…every one I have bought so far has had a small cut on the bottom, or a seam where the rubber comes together. I am just curious if anyones knows if the cut is supposed to be there? or if I should return my bottles!!!

  • Alex Link

    I have a question.
    If a product of Tommee Timmee is faulty, where can I get
    an exchange or repair ? I cannot find a sales / dealer office
    in Singapore. Is the support good in Singapore ? I saw a couple
    of complains that they cannot get good support for their product
    in Singapore because there is no local support.

  • Kit Link

    desiree – I think that’s the valve that comes with each Tommee Tippee bottle. I recall reading the instruction manual that you’re not supposed to poke it while washing. Hope this helps.

    Alex – You should check with the retail shop that you’re buying the Tommee Tippee products from BEFORE you buy them. As far I know, only AVENT and Medela after sales service is available in Malaysia. I hope Singaporean readers will be able to help you out here.

  • Lynne Link

    Desiree – i have the same bottles and wasnt sure if they should have the slit or not as 2 of them didnt appear to have one. Have since re-read the instructions on the internet (which i should probably have done before!!) and it confirms the slit should be there and to gently rub the valve until the slit opens before 1st use. Hopefully this will now stop little man nearly turning teat inside out when sucking! Lol.

  • Kit Link

    Lynne – Thanks for pointing this out. I know Mums who swear by Tommee Tippee baby bottles. I’m sure they will find it helpful. My girl’s already on MAM bottles so…

  • Pam Link

    Does anyone’s tommee tippee nipples leak like half of the milk on the baby during feeding. This is frustrating my baby and I. I really thot I will enjoy the bottles and bought them with all excitement now this big problem is here. Any advice?

  • Kit Link

    Pam – Was the nipple deflated when baby was drinking the milk? I know it did for me. Do read Smadar Samson’s comment above and the link he provided. I hope that helps!

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