Kraft Macaroni and Cheese – The Cheesiest

Recently, I was left at home alone with 3 kids and had to think up of a quick lunch for all of us.Rummaging around my kitchen cabinets, I found this pack of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.

Hubby bought it in case we were to travel again. Mac and cheese is one of the three non-Chinese dishes (No. 2 is spaghetti bolognaise and No. 3 is chicken nuggets) our picky eater will eat…

He calls it “maca-nohni” :D

A fresh food fan, I’m very, very skeptical of product packaging like the above i.e. a glossy photo of “shiny, cheesy macaroni and cheese”.

In reality, WHICH dried or canned food have you tried that looks exactly as it’s pictured on the package???

The cooking instructions called for the addition of some milk, which I thankfully had in my fridge.

Now, I knew the “cheesiest” wasn’t going to look like anything yummy but I was utterly disgusted to find the cheese powder looking like this (I felt so bad having to feed my kid THIS!!!):

What’s worse, the macaroni and cheese turned an awful, sickly-looking mustard yellow when it bubbled up in the pan. Ewww…

(The other bits are chunks of chicken breast I’d tossed in for added protein)

Ok, saucy remarks aside, what did the Cheesiest Macaroni and Cheese taste like?

Surprisingly good! (I need a cynical-looking Smiley here)

Trust me, I was still skeptical as I thoughtfully chewed the 2-3 spoonfuls of the instant mac n cheese. But, hey, it’s really quite nice when it’s hot. Oh, dear…

The boy liked it and actually finished a whole bowl of it on his own without my having to lecture, yell or call his name again and again LOL

As much as I still dislike it, I’m afraid Kraft’s “Cheesiest” Macaroni and Cheese will be added to our luggage should we go to a place where there is no fish, rice, tofu, spaghetti bolognaise or chicken nuggets! At least my little boy’s assured of a hot meal in his tummy, right? Right?!

Kraft promoted a “wholegrain”version of this Mac n Cheese at the back of the box. I don’t mind looking out for it to see if it’s a “healthier” version, well, as healthy as instant, dried food can be…

Note: As with any instant food, you HAVE to eat it while it’s hot. Once it’s cooled down, the “plasticky” texture and taste is a big bite of reality in your butt ;-)

Enjoy the maca-nohni!