Medela Pump in Style Advanced with Metro Bag or Medela Freestyle?

Mothers who know that I own 2 AVENT Isis breast pumps must think I’m definitely going *CRAZY* when I post about buying this double pump.

I hope not. At least I think I am not.

Let me share with you my experience with the AVENT and Medela breastpumps I’ve used.

I had trouble expressing breastmilk because the standard Medela breastshields (21 mm) do not fit me well. Plus, the suction on the electric breastpump was not strong enough. You can read the full review here

The funnel on the AVENT Isis did not fit me well either. Thankfully, the suction on the AVENT Isis Manual is stronger and could help me express breastmilk while I was a full-time working Mum. You can read the full review here

It’s OK if I can get a good output but when you only get 1-2 oz after expressing for 20 minutes on just one side, where’s the motivation, right? Not only do I feel tired, I also feel really depressed.

Due to this, I had to start supplementing with formula milk on the 4th or 5th month. And when my first child stopped direct breastfeeding at 9 months old, I couldn’t continue to express breastmilk for him. 🙁

Recently, a dear friend lent me the Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump and I find that the Soft Fit breastshield fit me much better and the 2-phase expression works on me too. I was ecstatic to find that I could express 4 oz from my “active” side 😀

Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

If I have the time, I’ll also pump the other side and find that I can get about 1 oz. FYI, many, many Mums can survive with a single pump because the breastshield fit them PERFECTLY.

If I get a double pump, I could probably activate my “inactive” side too since double pumping stimulates prolactin, the hormone that helps in milk production.

There are successful stories of relactation even when the baby is already 4-6 months old. You do need about 6 weeks of regular pumping every 3-4 hours.

Browsing online, I find that the cheapest Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breast Pump with Metro Bag found in the US is US$249.90 (no sales tax, free shipping within the US) and coupled with shipping to Malaysia about US$43.80 = US293.70 (RM969.21).

This is really, really cheap compared to the online shops here in Malaysia which retail the Medela Pump in Style Advanced with Metro Bag at around ~RM1,450++


***Update***But the the Metro Bag looks huge. I’ll be dwarfed under the size of this giant!!!


If I’m going to pay that much for a double pump, maybe I should just go for the Medela Freestyle Breast Pump at US$320 + US$45 = RM1,200++ like I planned to at the beginning, eh?


After all, it’s smaller, portable and equally powerful double breast pump.

Then again, my baby is already 6 months old – many mothers would probably think I’m nuts to want to invest in a new breast pump. Honestly, she’s drinking up to 5 ml of Similac now, which costs RM70 per 900g.

At the rate she’s going, she’ll probably drink 4 cans per month = RM280 x 6 months = RM1,680.

I’m still breastfeeding her direct about 3 times a day but I don’t think it’s enough and I get really stressed when I don’t have time to express or breastfeed her directly.

With a good double pump, I can actually build up a milk supply – something I could NOT do for either one of my children.

Plus, her skin allergies and recent constipation/diarrhea problems from starting solids make me feel that it’s worth paying for a good double breast pump for Baby if people can spend on new acne treatments for the Mummy.

Call me crazy but somehow, I just don’t feel fulfilled for failing both of my kids, you know?

However, if I buy the breast pump directly from the US:

  1. I will not have LactaEquip Malaysia’s warranty for the breast pump. It’s probably not worth the shipping charges to and fro the US (about US$80 x 3.3 = RM264) for servicing. I believe that LactaEquip will charge a fee for servicing Medela pumps but I have no idea how much.
  2. I will need to get an adapter to convert the US plug into the standard UK/Malaysia plug (2-pin to 3-pin, I suppose). A kind reader informed me that it costs about RM40.

Here’s an excellent link comparing the features of

Looks like I’ll have to go for the Medela Freestyle if I want the Soft Fit breast shields. Also, the PISA weighs about 5 kg while the Freestyle is about 900g?

Let’s see what I find out, ok? Please let me know if you hear of a good deal anywhere, ya. I’d appreciate it!

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  • How about trying other cheaper double pump like Ameda? Its half the price of the Medela Pump in Style and you can try it out at some stores before purchasing.

  • Pumpkin – A friend just offered her Ameda double pump for me to try 😀 I think I will try it out especially if the flanges/breastshields are about the same size and shape as Medela’s Soft Fit. Thanks for the tip too!

  • hai there

    i am using medela FS for 1 month and i very satisfied with the performance besides its noisy motor sound.

    for your info, i did buy this breastpump from ebay for rm1138 including postage, however i need to buy additional plug adapter bcoz it has 2 pin.

    regarding milk production after using this pump, i’d managed to pump out 2oz – 4oz per session and depend either my baby drink milk on 1 breast or i just pump out milk from both breast. usually i will pump for 20min-30mins

  • llewelynn Link

    hi there,
    just for your info, i am using medela swing and i replaced my adapter because the pins broken. I got my adapter(3 pins) from the local electronic shop (Puchong) for about RM40 each. I also help my friend from Penang to buy these adapters. But, provided the freestyle pump adapter the voltage and the amphere is available in that shop… 🙂

  • Farrah Rahim Link

    Hieee!!! =)

    Been using Freestyle for the past 2 years. LOVE it to bits!!! Not the SoftFit flanges though, so I use the standard PersonalFit flanges. I have PISA too but keeping it as a backup in case Freestyle goes on strike (never the case yet).

    Your concern will not be on the size of the Metro bag (my PISA came with the limited edition bag) . Rather, the weight of the PISA itself. It’s H.E.A.V.Y.

    I have friends who use Ameda Lactaline and they’re quite happy with it.

  • kambingbujang – Thanks for sharing that. Was it ebay Malaysia? I’m kinda worried about getting it from the US because I’ve always had back luck with hardware stuff. Worried I may just get a dud and I’ll be cursing high and low about it then. Still thinking and thinking.

    llewelynn – RM40 for adapters don’t sound too bad. Got to check around our side to see if they are available. Thanks ya.

    Farrah Rahim – Looks like it’s 2 – 0 for the PISA vs Freestyle. Gosh, Freestyle sounds so good! I just missed out on a lot of sales for the Freestyle and since a friend’s offered to lend me Ameda, I’m waiting to see if I should spend this money.

  • a-moms-diary Link

    Haha!!! You are serious, aren’t you? Remember my aborted purchase on ebay for PISA? Well, I survived with good old Avent ISIS till now so I’ve totally abandoned the idea of getting a double pump, for now, unless the stork decides to pay another visit 🙂 🙂

    My colleague is heading to US sometime this month and if you are really serious about getting Freestyle, let me know and I’ll ask if he minds to buy it for you.

  • dina Link

    Hi. I’ve been using PISA with back pack since my 1st DS was born 6 yrs ago. Still functioning well for my no 4, who is 2mths plus now. Would like to try freestyle, but since i can use the PISA, no excuse to give hubby to buy freestyle. Heard freestyle is very good. Anyway, for me, worth buying the medela product.

  • hi just to drop a note that i am a user of the freestyle and loved it sooooo much. it also helps that it is so small and the batteries are light and work so well that i can bring it out when i go out without baby and pump in nursing rooms outside, even if the rooms do not have a powerpoint. 🙂 the suction is fantastic too and has a larger suction than PISA.

  • A Mom’s Diary – I know…I’m crazy and I’m still thinking about it. Would really want to buy it from the US since I’d save so much $$$ but what if something happens to the pump? I heard I won’t be able to get technical support from LactaEquip at all!!!

    dina – Thanks for the testimonial on PISA 😀

    reg – Wow, the Freestyle is that good, ya? Stronger suction and long battery time are keywords for me 😉 Thanks!

  • i found it’s S$988 for Freestyle! Warranty in S’pore. But 1 year nia.
    but ~S$450 for US pack, no warranty in S’pore.
    So which one u wan?
    will try to search at my first year at kandang kerbau hosp or paragon. Other friend said there cheaper wo.

  • allisia –
    1) Can you test the S$450 pack from US? If you can take the pump and parts out of the package and test the motor to make sure that it works, then I may be interested.

    2) Can you also check that the S$450 is a 2010 batch? I heard that the earlier Freestyle models had some problems…

    Please, please, please check the above and SMS me before you buy, ok? Thanks!!!

  • Virgogal Link


    A friend just got me the medela pump in style advance from US. Now I’m looking for adapter that is compatible to use in malaysia? Any suggestion where I can get it?

  • Virgogal – A kind reader wrote that she helped friends to buy the adapters in KL for about RM40. Why don’t you try searching for “Medela Pump in Stye PISA adapter” on Google? That’s how I’ve been searching for my Medela deals. Good luck!

  • edna Link

    @ llewelynn, hi.. if you cud tell me exactly the address of the shop, i be very very happy… im looking high and low for the adapter..

    i hv a PISA bought in US and looking for the local adapter now. I called lactaequip here in dataran palma and they charged rm250 for the adapter but if you purchased in us, they charged it double, RM 500!!.. crazzy huh..

  • edna – Thanks for sharing the info you got from dealing with LactaEquip. I don’t understand why they’d charge RM500 just because your pump was purchased in the US. Did they really say that? Doesn’t make sense.

    Have you checked the online shops in Malaysia selling breastpumps? I recall some of them selling the AC adapters too.

    I hope that llewelynn will contact you.

  • edna Link

    hi kitty cat.. yeap, they really said tat.. and i asked her how’s she going to know if i bought my pisa here or US..? she said somethg like i have to bring in my pump and the connector is different?? well.. i dont know.. but i doesnt make sense to me.. but rm500 or even rm250 for an adapter seems extraordinary expensive to me..

    yeap im still google for it and hope to find one and oso hope IIewelynn will post the address or at least the ctc # soon..

  • Cassandra Link

    Hi Kittycat,
    Thanks for the post!! I am looking for medela breastpump as well, torn in between the choices of FS or PISA. Been heard alot of good review for FS too, still can’t decide yet. According to some medela users, FS is more noisier than PISA, you have any idea?? =)

  • edna – Maybe there are differences, who knows? I hope you get your adapter soon too.

    Cassandra – I’ve not used the PISA before. I’ve only used the Medela Mini Electric and that was seriously LOUD and NOISY! Really embarrassing when using in office. The Medela Freestyle? Super quiet yet powerful 😉

  • Samantha Link

    Gosh …. am so tempted to take the FS frm ur hands but I must be crazy ……… my girl is already 14 months (still BF) & I already own 2 pumps …. Avent Uno Isis Electric (light weight single pump which I use when on the go) & Spectra 7 (heavy hospital grade pump… which i hate cause it’s not as gentle as Avent but gets the job done).

    My girl has stopped direct BF (or shall i say refused) at ard 8 months as she found bottle feeding is easier (even with Avent + newborn teat). So, I’ve been pumping exclusively ever since. I would love the FS but darn …. so have to wait till the next baby arrive which won’t be soon. Am planning to sell of my pumps (at least the spectra when my daughter hits 24 months…. 10 months more to go)

  • Samantha – Wow! You are one gung-ho breastfeeding Mum alright 😀 The Freestyle is a really nice breastpump to use now that I’m getting used to it. Gosh, I do hope someone buys it from me soon because I may just get too attached to it! Am giving double pumping a shot to see if I’ll succeed in relactation…

  • Yeo Link

    Hi, i search through internet and found that the PISA power cord is only for US voltage, i did asked the US medela customer service and they told me that there is no such adapter to covert US voltage to other country voltage like in M’sia. Therefore it cannot be used in M’sia. I wonder how the mummies here manage to use PISA US version? I am still cannot decide whether to go for FS or PISA because both got pros and cons. Any advice for me, experienced mummies?

  • Kit Link

    Hi Yeo – Try calling LactaEquip about the voltage adapter? One of my readers mentioned a difference of RM250-500 just because the pump is bought in US. Another reader said she found one online for about RM40 but that’s a few years back.

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