1. just a few days not visiting your blog and now it’s more than 1 new post =) wow, I haven’t got the chance to read such serious book lately, but it’s very interesting, I probably choose book over movie =)

  2. shilla

    I’ve seen the movie on tv, just recently…
    though haven’t read the book, the movie was a bit dry …

  3. Kit

    Lilis – Good to hear that you’d choose the book over the movie!!! Reading has actually kept me sane all this while since the TV is dominated by the “Diego” LOL

    Shilla – Really, eh? Will ask Hubby to get the DVD anyway. I’m a sucker for comparing books and movies esp if the book is really good. I only gave up on Harry Potter – too many!

  4. Wow!! I thinkI am gonna go get this book!! It sounds very interesting :)

    Thank you for dropping by my blog… I bought the Nikon D90 for RM3450. I think it is cheaper in KL. I did my homework before deciding to buy as I couldn’t decide on Canon or Nikon… Seems that D90 is a higher entry one compared to the new Canon 550D… But then it all depends on the lens… so go hold the 2 and compare before deciding which is better for yourself… :)

  5. Kit

    Agnes – Go get it, really a nice read. I’m a sucker for Nikon and beautiful pics but been hearing how user-friendly (and cheaper) Canon is. Thanks for sharing the price of your ‘baby’. Will check them out soon!

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