BRAVADO Designs Nursing Bra

If you’re an L- or XL-sized Mum like me, you’d probably understand how DIFFICULT it is to shop for clothes in “petite-sized” places like Malaysia. What more when you’re pregnant and later, breastfeeding when you’ve got to “upsize”!

When I breastfed my boy more than 3 years ago, I had no breastfeeding or nursing clothes because:

  • Only S, M and L sizes available – designed for super skinny ladies like Zhang Ziyi, Sheila Majid, QiQi, Audrey Hepburn. How about the Gong Lis, Salomas and the Marilyn Monroes? We need clothes too.
  • Ugly designs – I’m already in the “auntie” age but that doesn’t mean I wanna look like one!
  • Terrible material – Because I’m a working and travelling Mum, I am very particular about fabric. I tend to look for clothes which can stand the test of time, wrinkle-free and easy to coordinate. It’s even better if they have Spandex/Lycra, which is great for that post-natal flab! Of course, breathable material is a must in our hot,hot, hot weather 😉
  • Expensive. Although I *have* spent nearly RM200 for a top, I don’t think I should because I’ve been lucky enough to get nice tops from between RM35-50. Should nursing tops be more expensive than that? Hmm…

This time around, I discovered online shopping.

The “drop cup” style, which is what Bravado Designs Womens’ Essential Nursing Bra Tank – Black – 36 D/E is like.


Bravado Designs Nursing Cami

– *loved* the soft, comfy and stretchy material!

Bravado Designs Nursing Bra

BRAVADO! DESIGNS Original Full Cup Nursing Bra in Cotton-Modal
BRAVADO! DESIGNS Original Full Cup Nursing Bra in Cotton-Modal | Black | S

BRAVADO! DESIGNS Women’s Comfy Cotton Maternity and Nursing Bra
BRAVADO! DESIGNS Women’s Comfy Cotton Maternity and Nursing Bra, Nude, Medium

BRAVADO! DESIGNS Ballet Nursing Sleep Bra
BRAVADO! DESIGNS Ballet Nursing Sleep Bra | Pull Away for Breastfeeding | Black | M

When you are shopping online for a nursing bra or a nursing top, look for the “nursing system chart” – really helpful in selecting clothing styles:

Reviewing it, I find that I prefer the “hem-lift” and “neckline” access.

1. The “hem-lift” access

is really useful for mums who want discreet breastfeeding because the extra layer of cloth covers your boob and baby’s head well.

I have two pieces with the “hem lift” access i.e. a white, cross-wrap top by Moms en Vogue (below).

Mothers en Vogue Mayblossom Shift Top, Burnt Coral (L)

Note that the “hem lift” may not work with your 3 month old baby – it didn’t with mine because she’s such a curious cat then!

In any case, I like the fact that my tops come with double layers.

Plus, they don’t look like a nursing top, which means I can continue wearing them even after I stop breastfeeding 😀

2. The “neckline” access

When my baby became bigger (and cheekier!), I usually end up breastfeeding in a private room that I could wear tops with the “neckline” access.

Nursing tops with the “neckline” access usually come in a V-neck style, which are also the most flattering for fuller figures. Plus, I find that tops with the “neckline” access hold their shapes better in the long run.

Also, doesn’t this look like a nice dress for the office too?

3. The “empire” access

Nothing to do with The Empire Strikes Back but more with empire cut dresses in Pride and Prejudice 🙂

I’d actually bought 2 tops with the “empire access”

I felt that I’d look pretty and cool in them because I tend to perspire more when I am breastfeeding…

4. The “vertical seams” style don’t work for me because I always super-conscious of the fact that the nursing slits would open up if I stretched my arms wide or the may go exploring if the nursing top plays “peek-a-boo” with him LOL

How about you? What type of nursing tops do you like?

Anyway, do check out the nursing style you’re comfortable with before you buy. Happy shopping!

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  • MV Link

    I love the nursing tank tops from Spring Maternity, Singapore — S$39.90 each and fit well under my usual clothes.

  • leopard style so pretty go for it 😀

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