Traditional Chinese massage

Sorry for re-posting this but I am deeply in need of a back massage because I cannot bend my back anymore :S

Don’t know if it’s because I’ve been carrying the little girl for too long, standing too much on the job or carrying a ridiculously heavy backpack while talking to someone last week…

I’m not sure what type of massage I should go for because I do not want it to become worse than it already is. My ayi can’t help much either.

Luckily, I found some massage oil that has given me a bit of relief.


November 2010

I am dead tired. Really DEAD tired because I’ve had a really, really hectic past few weeks.

From unpacking the suitcases, to setting up the apartment for the four of us, to babyproofing the place, organizing the apartment for the kid’s schoolwork, to speed shopping for autumn clothing to cooking everyday and then, preparing for Halloween!!!

Then, the baby fell sick. She was clingy, crying, whining and simply won’t let me out of her sight! She’d even cry if Hubby held her standing next to me :S

Of course, she wouldn’t drink her milk, eat her porridge or even drink much water! Nothing seemed right – I was calling Hubby almost every evening, “WHAT WILL YOU BE HOME???”

She’s slowly recovering and I hope to see her bounce back to her old self. The poor dear has lost some weight…

Me? I know I want a few hours to rejuvenate. I want a full body massage!!! And I hope that the masseuse (yikes, I can’t even spell right!) are well-trained in their art and supplemented with a massage therapy program online because I need to a relaxing massage that will take me a million miles away from where I am now 😀

I’m only familiar with aromatherapy massage thus have never tried a Chinese massage.

Now that I’m in China, everyone has been asking me try:

  • facial reflexology
  • foot reflexology
  • acupressure
  • acupuncture
  • Chinese traditional massage

Honestly, all the above services are available back home. If I didn’t want to try them there in the first place, why would I want to try them here now?

I saw a “blind massage centre” but they only have masseurs (male), note no masseuse (female), which is highly, highly suspicious, right? 😉

Any guy could probably tell you that the “blind” masseurs are not “blind” after all hehehe

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  • hahaha.. I have to laugh at the part where the blind masseurs are not blind at all…
    I also need a full body massage.. I will hint hint to hubs so that he will pay for it here, u know, it is expensive here…

  • Kit Link

    Chew Lee – You know what guys are like, right? -_- I hope you get your massage. I think you deserve it for all the cakes and delicious stuff you make for your “boss”! Say it’s a Christmas bonus LOL