1. u’re right, it may look glamourous but it ain’t. well, there’s always pros n cons of working n not working. perhaps whn u feel ur ready 2 go back 2 workforce, u can look into this option agn.

  2. I too miss those glamor lifestyle but when think deeper… no thanks to impossible deadlines, grouchy looking faces, gossipers and all those time wasting and going no where meetings.

  3. I agree absolutely with what Paik Ling said. You really can’t have ‘em all. Errr…not unless you’re a celebrity, earn millions, has a nanny to look after the kids, etc….

  4. Kit

    Chinnee – I do miss the days of dressing up but not of wearing high heels or putting on make-up :D

    Syn – You are right! Been talking to Hubby about this and I’m happy to hear that he’s 100% supportive of whichever decision I choose.

    Now, I definitely want to stay at home and enjoy the flexibility of time I have until I am done with breastfeeding.

    Paik Ling – Agree! By the way, what is a WFHM? I just explained to my cousin that I am a WAHM, not a SAHM. Now, she’d probably ask me the same question LOL

    Angeleyes – Grouchy faces? My office has a lot of smiley faces, which are even more dangerous! Give me grouchy faces anytime…at least I know how they feel.

    Immomsdaughter – I actually wondered if I can hire a personal assistant AND a helper?

    I don’t mind caring for the kids – I just hate to do dishes (backache!), picking up the mess (backache!), cleaning fish (I can’t stand the sight of blood!) or chicken (I can’t stand the sight of fat or tendons!)

    See what a terrible WAHM I am?

  5. i wouldn’t mind makeup cos personally, i look pale and dull without them. i’m not that blessed with perfect completion and rosy cheeks so i need to look nice so that i feel that i don’t make people think that being a mom, housewife or WAHM doesn’t make me ugly or exhausted.

    as for high heels, i think this is a painful invention…and whoever made it a trend is bad enough. there are lots more alternative to heels, and we could look just as corporate in those.

  6. Kit

    Lifejuicer – Wearing make-up again felt really weird to me esp as I like my skin to breathe. Maybe it’s the wrong brand :P I’m not saying NO to high heels forever, just for now. But definitely NO to stilettos forever. I cannot understand why many ladies crave for those Louboutins…

    Chew Lee – Sigh, me too, me too and only after 2 years’ break. That’s why I must make it as a work-at-home Mum! Jia you, jia you

    Giddy Tigress – Hahaha

  7. Kit

    Hi Adinsa! I’m definitely not dreaming but trying real hard and I think other Mums are too.

    Btw, I wanted to comment on your blog but couldn’t scroll down to type in the word verification. Potong steamlah LOL :P

  8. I really do miss it!!! But I think I miss the dressing up and looking good part, and also the part where I get to triumph with my brains. So now, I compromise by still making an effort to look good and well, umm….you need even more brains to bring up great kids, right?

  9. Kit

    Mamapumpkin – Ya, I know what you mean. And I totally agree with you that a lot of brains (and PATIENCE and creativity and a genuine love for children) are needed to bring up great kids. I’m still learning how to achieve criteria #1!

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