Rent a Lover

If you are young and single and Chinese, I bet you are relieved that the Spring Festival (or the Chinese New Year) is over, especially the family reunion 😀


If you’re like MOST young Chinese folks with doting and greying parents (not to mention the grinning, inciting aunties and uncles AND that smug cousin who’s married with a son…) you’d probably endured situations like these:

Suggest situations you can meet with other young people
“Why don’t you go for a cruise? Summer is a nice time. You can stop at various ports and make new friends. Many youngsters go for cruises nowadays as you don’t need to check your luggage in/out of airports when you visit different cities.

You can eat, dance, swim and gamble any time you want – it’s so easy to find someone who shares the same interests as you! Did you know that Mrs. Huang’s son met his wife on a cruise?”

Try to set you up
“I know a nice girl / boy and I’m sure you’ll like him or her. Why don’t the two of you go for a movie? ‘Contract Lovers’ will be perfect for blind dates!” (groan)

If you resist, then your mother and father will have A TALK with you!

The talk
“Boy/girl, we are getting old. Your old father has to see the doctor every month now – he has gallstones, piles, a bad back etc He has to go to the toilet every hour.

Me (big sigh) I don’t know how long I can last either…see the liver spots on your mother’s old hands?

I know you are still young. I know you are working very hard to become a success.

But our arms are aching from stretching out time and time again to hold our grandchildren…”[BIG SIGH]

In China, the pressure is unbelievably high that desperate kids will go to the extent of renting a boyfriend/girlfriend for the Spring Festival!

Check out this New York times article on renting a boyfriend. Or this amazing ad mentioned in this online site:

Willing to pay 300 RMB a day for a girlfriend to take home with me for the Spring Festival
Time: February 11th to February 15th
Age: 25 to 30 years old
She gets to keep any lucky money relatives might give her, but she’ll have to cooperate fully and not arouse suspicion…

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  • Wah… to that extent hor?

    Why don’t the singles think of grouping up… the boy pretend to be another girl’s bf, and vice versa. So both boy and girl’s problems are solved, and no money involved! 😀

  • Kit Link

    Boey Joey – Great idea! Who knows, the friends may even turn out to become boyfriend and girlfriend…

  • omg, kitty! this is hilarious! well, ok, not the first part… =P

  • Kit Link

    Drey – I kind of pity the Chinese. They’ve got so many pressures on them!