1. thanks for the tips – i got it at home but never used it and also never thot of using it on rye li. will do it when she gets a cough.

  2. Kit

    MG – Thanks for the link! Really useful :-)

    BoeyJoey – You too, eh?

    Syn – It’s particularly soothing for sore throats…

  3. Kit

    Yeah, I like the cool feeling too but have to abstain from that now that I’m preggy. Hope you get well soon!

  4. Kit

    Jay – That’s really cheap! It retailed for RMB20 a few years ago and is now selling for RMB33.

    Kapitan Ho – Really? You’d drink it for fun?

  5. Gab

    My friend has a concert in a week, she’s filipina and will be in WCOPA, and I’ll be her guest at this concert. This is also great for singers, coz it keeps the throat from drying thus adding vocal stamina. This is great, really. I love the taste and it’s herbal!! I do burp a little everytime i drink a spoonful. Haha.

  6. Kit

    Gab – Hi! I didn’t know Nim Jiom Pei Pa Koa is that good. All the best with your friend’s performance! Been ages since I’ve attended any concerts…

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