Shoe shopping with US$100

Remember my post about my failure to cash out my first US$100 with Google Adsense?

After all the packing and preparing to come home, unpacking, getting the tot settled into a new kindergarten, calling up the carpenter/electrician for home repairs and renovations etc., I remembered that it’s the end of the month!

True enough, I checked my ‘Payments’ tab and found the new MTCN number issued and quickly went to the nearest Western Union. Boy, I can tell you it was one heart thumping moment as I watched the bank teller’s facial expression…

She tap, tap, tapped…frowned…tap, tap, tapped again on the keyboard…stared at the computer screen and then back at the Western Union form.

Then, she turned to her colleague and asked, “Customer patut isi amount yang dia nak withdraw, kan (Malay=The customer should fill in the amount to withdraw, right?”. Her colleague nodded. She turned to me and asked me to do the necessary.

Since I didn’t know the exchange rate, I asked if I could just fill in the USD100 over amount since the form only had RM. She said it’s OK. The, she checked the exchange rate and told me that it’s 3.49, which meant that I could withdraw about RM440.

Hehehe 😉

With the money in hand, I went shopping for shoes since it’s the Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival now!!! Also, I’ve been schlepping around (or waddling now that I’m 6 months pregnant) in a pair of slippers that’s been to the market, supermarket, coffee shop, sundry shop, post office, banks, kindergarten etc.

Clark’s sandals or wedges

I wanted to get a pair of Clark’s sandals or wedges but the styles on sale were either too high, too low, too big, too small, too EXPENSIVE, too chunky or just plain too ugly.

Slingback sandals (in white and black)

Then, I saw a pair of Sembonia slingback sandals (in white and black) which had rubber soles and a stretchy strap on sale for RM89. I thought they looked nice, felt comfortable and most importantly, non-slip! Plus, they were the last pair in my size. The saleslady helpfully punched an additional 2 holes to accommodate my normal feet later.


Brown suede leather moccasins

My good old pair of brown Lewre moccasins have served me well for the past 4 years (the soles are flat) but I’m reluctant to toss them out because I can’t find a similar pair LOL.

Hush Puppies loafers

Since Hubby also think it’s time I moved out of my black or brown era, I spotted a pair of taupe Hush Puppies loafers with a “Bounce” technology.

Trying them out, I felt like “bouncing” because they were COMFY! Made of a leather-and-suede mix upper, the Hush Puppies loafers came with a Velcro strap, which I can adjust to fit my swelling/shrinking feet.

Quite pricey at RM224 (after 20% discount) but I hope that I’ll wear them for YEARS.

Okay, I’m all set to be a Mummy-on-the-go 🙂

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  • etceteramommy Link

    Nice! I like white. Very easy to go with any clothes. I have a similar Hush Puppies, mine those sporty range….and I’ve always loved HP shoes. Very comfy. 😛

  • Paik Ling Link

    Great choices on both pairs! I’ve been wearing the same pair of shoes for all 3 pregnancies LOL. It’s literally falling apart!

  • Hooi Ling Link

    Wow! Nice shoes! I like the hush puppies one~

  • Congrats! You deserve those comfy shoes.

  • shilla Link

    walla .. the sembonia sandal is so sexy …

  • Hahaha thanks everyone for the positive feedback. The shoes do feel great now that I’ve worn them.

    Shilla – A bit tough for chubby feet (with bare toenails) to look sexylah! Happy Ramadhan to you and Zara 🙂

  • a-moms-diary Link

    I love the HP pair. I had only needed to change my shoes in the last month of my recent pregnancy. Was wearing all my regular shoes coz I didn’t have any swelling 🙂

  • Immomsdaughter Link

    Great choice. I’m a die hard fan of HP shoes, partly because they are the cheapest comfy shoes around. Clarks and Scholls are more expensive 😛

  • Immomsdaughter – This is actually my first HP shoes (got their slippers previously) as I’m a Lewre mocs fan. Don’t you think Scholls look rather ‘auntie’?

  • A Mom’s Diary – Lucky you! I’ve already got big feet + pregnancy = FAT FEET

  • wen Link

    wah! shopping with ur google money! i still dont really know how to add in my google adsense!

    the doc must be blinds to not to notice u r preggy