MAM or Doctor Brown BPA-free baby bottles?

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I’m tired of AVENT bottles especially as the new BPA-free range of PC (polycarbonate) bottles are EXPENSIVE and reported to LEAK. Also, I’m kind of wary about using PC bottles even if they are labelled ‘BPA-free’.

MAM Anti-Colic Ultivent bottle

During my last trip back to KL, I bought two 9 oz MAM bottles on sale for only RM50 (one retails for about RM35).

mam-anti-colic-bottleThe boy rejected the MAM bottle so I’m keeping them for the new baby.

The MAM bottle sounds good as you can take apart the bottle (4 detachable parts including the bottom) and wash the entire bottle clean.

I hear that MAM bottles fit into AVENT’s Isis Manual Pump because this breast pump works really well for me.

UPDATE: I tried the MAM bottle on my AVENT breast pump – unfortunately, they do not fit. Guess it only works on certain models?

However, I had a terrible experience with leaks with MAM’s Smart Sippy Cup thus I’m not that confident in the MAM bottle…

Dr. Brown Anti-Colic Wide Neck PP Bottle

Browsing the supermarket here, I stumbled upon Dr Brown’s 8 oz wideneck polypropolene (PP) bottle, which is BPA-free since it’s not made with polycarbonate (PC).

dr-brown-anti-colic-bottleThe salesgirl told me that it’s selling really well here and I can get each for about RMB70 (versus RM45.90 in Malaysian online baby stores). Nipple packs of 3 sell for about RMB40.

+ I like the concept behind the Doctor Brown bottle because it prevents gas, spitting up and colic due to its special vent system (although there are 4 detachable parts to clean).

+ A tiny, thin brush is supplied for pipe cleaning…

+ I also like the contoured shape of the bottle, which makes it easy for baby to grip while self-feeding.

I’m hoping that my tot will WANT the baby’s new bottles and then, I’ll be rid of AVENT bottles forever!!!

– The bottle is a clear plastic, unlike MAM bottles which come in different colours.

The thing is – has anyone tried Doctor Brown’s wideneck bottle with an AVENT pump? If it fits into the pump nicely, I’m going to grab some Doctor Brown bottles for baby!!!

Will you please let me know? A million thanks in advance…

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19 responses to “MAM or Doctor Brown BPA-free baby bottles?

  1. Heard that the tube-like thing is a hassle to wash and clean. I’d just checked with my colleague who said that it doesn’t fit the Avent pump wor. She used to pump into Avent bottles and then transfer to Dr Brown bottle prior to feeding. By the way, MAM toddler (not the baby) bottles come in clear colour now :) Did I mention that the Avent teats fit the MAM bottles? Just that you won’t be able to close using the MAM cover cos the Avent teat is longer.

    Kit: Thanks again for checking for me. Looks like cleaning the tube’s gonna be a problem, eh?

  2. go for glass bottle.abit more expensive but no worry of BPA
    alot of manufacturer claimed BPA free but you never know
    prevention is better than cure

    Kit: I am like you too i.e. don’t really trust the manufacturers. I know glass is good but it isn’t very practical esp with a highly-active toddler around!

  3. I agree with you that AVENT’s BPA bottles are wayyyyyy too priceyyy…I wonder whether they purposely hike up the price so that consumers won’t complain the fact that they didn’t come up with the BPA free bottles earlier on. Really heavy on the pockets…I choose AVENT in the first place because I’m also using AVENT ISIS Manual Pump.

    Dr Brown bottles?? It’s indeed a hassle to de-assemble and re-assemble them, unless you don’t mind. I have leaking issues with them too. The two that I have at home is always not used.

    MAM bottles fit ISIS breast pump and AVENT teats fit MAM bottles, but just as Paik Ling has said, you won’t be able to close the MAM cap. So, I would suggest that you start with MAM bottles with your second child right from birth. Previously, my eldest son would ONLY drink from AVENT teat AND AVENT bottle *geleng kepala* , but now, he has show some keen interest in MAM blue bottle when he sees his younger brother drinking from it.

    As for me, I like MAM better as compared to AVENT, but I’m not the one drinking. LOL!

    Thanks so much for the feedback, Darlene! Your experience with the Dr. Brown bottles have more or less firmed up my decision. Pity though as the Dr. Brown bottles here are much cheaper than back home.

    When my tot saw the MAM bottles, he helped me put them aside labelling them “Baby’s bottles!”. I REALLY hope the “Tiru macam saya…” trick will work as I’ve only got 4 AVENT BPA-free bottles on hand and hope not to re-stock them.

  4. i’m still using the narrow neck dr. brown’s for haye li’s water. i’ve switched to avent for her milk coz i do find the tubes a hassle when it comes to warming up milk as you need to release the whole top or else the milk will spill out through the tubes. and because of this, you need to be careful not to touch the tube parts with your hands when you undo the cap. also, even using with normal water, you have to ensure the bottle stand upright or else there will be leaks! so bringing this bottle out is a hassle as it tends to wet your bags if u put it inside.

    with avent, like i (and many moms) have told you, it tends to leak. initially, i had to test and test before i give baby her milk. now, and i think it’s due to sterilizing the bottles often, it doesn’t leak easily as before. most of the times it doesn’t anymore. unless avent do something abt the leaks and its pricing, i think most moms wld give up on this brand.

    not sure if you have tried looking at other brands? i did ‘search’ but in the end also, i still prefer avent.

    Kit: Thanks so much for this detailed sharing, Syn! As it is, I’m already grumbling having to wash 2 covers, 2 rings, 2 nipples and 2 bottles and Hubs reminded me that I’ll be washing FOUR later. As much I like Dr. Brown, I think I’ll go for MAM. Definitely going off AVENT since MAM can screw onto the AVENT pump…

  5. the avent bpa is so expensive and you’re right, avent leaks. Justin is using MAM bottle so far he’s not rejecting anything. As long as there’s food, no problem. I think zmm’s kids are using dr brown and she used to breastfeed. maybe she knows if it fits.

    Kit: LOL, good to hear nothing’s being rejected! I wish my boy’s like that too…

  6. i am also dont know coz i havent been checking out feeding bottles for so long. hope u found the right one

  7. I am ordering Adiri bottle for my baby. It’s on the way from UK. My cousin will bring it back to me. Yang is using SafePlus.

    Kit: You lucky girl…I don’t have a cousin in UK so I’m sticking to brands I can easily find in Malaysia.

  8. For both my girls, they use Dr Brown when they were infants as it’s supposed to reduce collic. But the washing is a pain. I felt it when we travelled without the maid and I had to wash the bottles. 😛

    After that I switched to Avent and then early this year to Madela bottles as it’s BPA free. Not sure about attaching to Avent pump though. I used Madela.

    Actually if you are not going back to work, and will be with the baby the first 6mths, just getting Mam is fine, you can just feed baby direct.

    Kit: Sigh…the many parts put me off also lor esp as I’ll be washing them most of the time. I’m *praying hard* that I WON’T have to go back to work then I won’t have to bother about pumping etc 😛

  9. Btw, I was tempted to switch to glass, as it’s probably the best material for bottles. But Zaria has a temper and she likes to toss her bottles when she’s unhappy, so I’m not risking it.

    Kit: Wow…Zaria is one feisty gal, eh? I’m not only scared of the baby tossing the glass bottle but the kor-kor might too!

  10. How about Nuby brand? I saw their BPA free bottles… quite soft and nice.

    Kit: I didn’t see them in the mall here so didn’t have a chance to check. Do you know if they fit AVENT’s manual pump? That’s my priority here :-)

  11. it’s so good that other expectant mom is doing all these research….i’m reading, absorbing & benefiting a lot, thks heaps!! yet i still don’t know which to choose….sigh !!! hope to read yr final findings & decision later ya :)P

    Kit: Yeah, I think it’s really helpful of moms to chip in their 2 cents here. I’ve learned so much about both these brands already.

  12. I know LaundryAmah uses Pigeon glass milk bottles. The downside is it can break so have to sit next to him when he drinks his milk and take the bottle away when he is done. For baby, you can still control…

    Kit: Glass bottles are a definite no-no! You knowlah how bouncy the boy is…

  13. havent quite tried the dr brown bottle with the pump, but i guess u can just use with the pump for collecting milk and then transfer to whatever bottle for feeding.

    faythe uses NUK glass bottle, cost me RM50 for one, but since it’s glass it’s great :). Only thing is my maid broke it after 3 use, so I went to get a new one and told my maid I’m gonna charge her for it!!

    vyktore uses evenflo BPA free. I’ve read the article bout the BP free bottle, so long as they are not clear and are soft type, they are usually BPA free. I even got them BPA free drinking bottles for school and home!!

    BTW, I came here via Paik Ling’s blog :)

    Kit: Pumping is already no fun and transferring means a) loss of precious EBM, b) possible contamination and c) extra bottles to clean! I think I’m going for MAM since they fit into AVENT’s pump.

    Ouch, that’s the thing about glass bottles – they break easily! I don’t have a maid so will need to bear the cost and cleaning up myself :)

  14. i personally find that the MAM bottle troublesome to clean (with the rubber opening below). Still using old bottles till today, hehe…

    Kit: I agree. What brand are you using now?

  15. I’ve been using Adiri nurser now at 2nd stage. I also love thinkbaby bottles, will be using the sippy botlle soon. i really trust in these 2 brands, less parts to wash and really easy to use.

    Leona: Adiri looks soo interesting but it’s pretty expensive. I’m kind of set on MAM but will snoop around when I’m in KL LOL

  16. i have a one year old bb girl. She is my first bb .After i read your article posted only i realised the seriousness of the BPA because i am using AVENT also.
    i am wondering AVENT BPA free bb bottle safe to be used? It leak in term of the milk , right?

  17. Tina: Safe or not, I don’t know unless you trust that those light brown coloured bottles are BPA-free. For me, I’ll be starting my baby on the MAM PP bottles and hope that my preschooler will wanna copy the baby! He’s so attached to the AVENT nipple though…

  18. Hi, does anyone tried B Free Plus bottles before? Kindly advice if this is user friendly to you. Thx

  19. I have a problem to finding dr brown outlet in kuala lumpur. please send me the information the location of dr brown outlet.
    Thank you.