REVIEW: Sadie’s Sore Throat by Dr. Charlotte Cowan

The story of “Sadie’s Sore Throat

begins with little Sadie who is beading for her School Art Fair while her little brother, Barley (?) plays with his toy airplane.

Sadie, Barley and Mom talk about handicrafts they can make when Mom notices that Sadie didn’t eat her snack or drink her favorite orange juice.

Oh no, Sadie has a sore throat!

The story gets interesting.

Sadie is quite an assertive girl (or giraffe).

  • She balks at taking medicine because her throat is sore;
  • Although she has a fever, she refuses to see the pediatrician, Dr. Hippo and
  • She mentions that her “tummy hurts too” when Mom tells the doc what’s wrong.

The story ends happily with Sadie spending the day at Grandma’s house and gets well enough to finish her “secret” project for competition at the Art Fair.

My toddler loved the book because he could relate to the many familiar situations in the story:

  • having a sore throat – he had a really BAD one last summer where he lost his voice;
  • refusing to listen to Mommy when told to go somewhere…
  • the FUN waiting room and the pediatrician’s office – crayons, books, tacked drawings, jigsaw puzzles, lots of toys but interestingly, he didn’t recognize the train wedged in the toy box (when he woefully pointed out, “NO train…”, I said “See, there’s a train in the toy box!” but he disagreed. He said, “It’s not a train. It’s a house!”  Uh-oh…)
  • laughing and imitating Sadie when she sticks out her tongue;
  • getting stickers from the doctor;
  • balloons and boat rides at the fair and
  • of course, the PURPLE popsicles!!!

Sadie’s Sore Throat (Dr. Hippo Story)” was the third Dr. Hippo book my toddler picked up after reading “The Little Elephant with the Big Earache” and “The Moose with Loose Poops”.

I think he was attracted by the brightly illustrated cover (by Katy Bratun) and the three giraffes (or gee-wuffs).

For me, I find the “Simplifying Sore Throats” guide for parents really helpful especially as Dr. Cowan points out that antibiotics only work for BACTERIA and not on viruses.

I thought this was great especially as doctors in developing countries tend to prescribe antibiotics as if they are candy or sweets.

I love “Sadie’s Sore Throat” because Sadie has a little brother, Barley, which was great to prepare my child the idea of having a brother or a sister 🙂

I think little girls will like this book because it’s got a strong arts and crafts theme throughout the story.