Roti telur or roti paratha in China (台湾手抓饼 shouzhua bing)

Why am I posting so many food-related posts? As e are expecting visitors these next 2 months, I thought it’d be nice to show them what’s waiting for them here in terms of food…

When a friend told me there’s ‘roti telur’ here, I couldn’t believe it. Of course, I had to try it and was tickled to see the similar greased griddle here. The only difference is that a pair of tongs and a spatula are used to handle the dough.

Sure looks like roti canai, doesn’t it? By the way, roti canai is called ‘fei bing’ (flying cake) here LOL


The ‘roti’ dough was premixed and it didn’t look as doughy or light like the Indian roti canai dough. Anyway, the lady browned the roti canai first before breaking an egg over it.

When it’s done, she placed it on a plate and sprinkled strips of cucumber over it. Healthy roti canai! Before she added the sauces, I asked what’s available: mayonnaise and chilli sauce.


Then, she folded it in half and passed me my ‘roti telur’ wrap 🙂

How did it taste? Quite delicious especially when it’s piping hot! I didn’t know that roti telur mixed with cucumber, mayonnaise and chilli sauce could taste that good. Since I had it months ago (the stall isn’t near my place), I think I paid RMB3-5 for it.


The paper wrapper had ‘Pin Mai Dao’ printed on it but I don’t think that’s the name of the snack.

UPDATE:It’s actually “shou zhua bing” (handheld cake?) and seems to originate from Taiwan.

I certainly don’t mind having it again because it wasn’t too greasy 🙂

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  • PL Link

    Looks like a pizza with flaky pastry!

  • Kit Link

    Paik Ling – Yes, it does, doesn’t it? The texture is exactly like roti canai…gosh, I’m craving for it now 😛 Dunno if my visitors can pack some over LOL

  • huisia Link

    wow, really looks like roti canai and the price is cheap too!

  • a-moms-diary Link

    Hey, I remember having this in Taipei too – a very popular roadside snack.

  • nomadicmom Link

    This is their own version…not copycat one lah. I remember going to Crystal Jade restaurant and they said it’s a local dish from the north or something….

  • Kit Link

    Hui Sia – It tastes like roti canai too (grins)

    A Mom’s Diary – Really? That’s cool…

    NomadicMom – Interesting ya that China and India have such similar cuisine???

  • whoisbaby Link

    making me hungry lar after seeing the pictures and reading the post. looks delicious.

  • Kit Link

    Whoisbaby – Me too LOL

  • Julie Link

    Got it here in Klang. We call it roti salad but without egg. We have mayo+cucumber+sengkuang+chilli sauce and roti planta. My fav.

  • Julie – Sounds good and healthy 🙂 I’m impressed a roti salad is your favourite! My fav sandwich is a Subway but it still needs MEAT lol