1. my friend comforted me by telling me, when I died, and on an autopsy table, they will know I was a mother because of my ‘battle scars’ aka stretchmarks.

    morbid..but i liked it.. heh

  2. Kit

    Mott – Thanks for making me laugh! Your friend sounds so much like Grissom from CSI. Cool way of making Mums feel better :-)

  3. Kattie

    LOL!! have you tried using palmers cocoa butter cream? my best friend emailed me about this site i think that was palmerssettlement.com future moms and pregnant women should see this ad,you might also have this kind of reaction. this is the least that i can do to inform other people about this issue.

  4. Kit

    Kattie – I’ve used almost ALL of Palmer’s products including the oil for itchy and sensitive skin. Soothing but does nothing for my stretch marks :-(

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