I Have Nothing to Wear!

While this is a woman’s classic line, it is true for the pregnant woman. When my largest pair of pants got too tight and I’d started to “steal” Hubby’s comfy t-shirts, he thought it’s time I went shopping!

Since I only need clothes for the first two trimesters (my stash is at home),I tried to look for pieces I could still wear even after I’d delivered πŸ™‚

With the weather here teetering between Spring and Summer, I decided to get summer clothes since I could just add layers if I felt cold.

Lucky for me, several mother and baby shops are nearby that I went shopping after seeing Lucas off to kindy. Here’s what I got:

– a pair of stretch stone-washed capri jeans
– a V-neck grey print blouse with tiny flowers (layered with a camisole)
– a semi-sleeveless brown blouse with a pirate blouse neckline
(the cream-coloured long-sleeved blouse and khaki capris are my current uniform πŸ™‚ )

Cream grey brown  maternity blouse

Other suits include:
– a sparkly charcoal grey blouse, which would be OK for dinner,
– a simple shiny silver blouse, which is also OK for dinner…
– a pair of grey capri pants and
– several pairs of black calf-length tights (cheap and comfortable at RMB38 each);
– the paisley-patterned blouse/dress was actually for Hui Sia (who’s tall, slim and fair) but then she’d gone home and is almost due. Don’t think I look good in it because I’m not as tall, slim or fair as her πŸ™‚

Sparkly white paisley maternity blouse and capri pants

For now, I can easily mix and match these tops with the capri pants (including some of my current tops) and add lighter or more colourful blouses if needed later…

All of them cost me about RMB400 and I got a 40% off discount card for future purchases at the mother and baby shop πŸ™‚

Tips for the petite and L or XL-sized Mother
1. Capri pants are flattering for any new Mum – just make sure that the pants stop just above the fattest part of your calf. You can also wear them after you deliver!

2. Avoid sleeveless blouses unless you have nice, slim arms – I always go for cap sleeves or three-quarter sleeves.

3. Avoid puffed sleeves too – unless you’re as tall and slim as Anne of Green Gables, they’ll make you look rounder and shorter!

4. The V-neckline and the square neckline are the most flattering necklines. The high, round neckline only emphasizes your growing boobs (go for it only if you want to show off this…)

5. Go easy on shiny, sparkly fabrics – if it’s shiny, then choose a soft t-shirt fabric so that the top falls down nicely on your frame. Clingy fabric will expand your shape instead of flattering your new curves.

6. Patterns and prints – Loud, geometric patterns and large prints can sometimes look good on large sizes. I have a black-and-white geometric print blouse and a grey/brown/yellow/white floral blouse which look good. For such ‘high-risk’ items, you need to try them on in front of a mirror to see which ones do. If not, plain colours are the safest πŸ™‚

6. Buttons, ribbons and cartoons – I avoid them as much as possible because I only surrender to looking ‘cute’ in the final trimester when I’m HUGE, heavy, bloated and couldn’t really care what I look like then LOL.

Have you shopped for maternity clothes lately? Do share your link here – be nice to see what other Mums are wearing!

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  • its nothing new to women. preggy or not, also say got nothing to wear..hehe..how r u feeling so far?

  • Lovely apparels you bought there. πŸ™‚

  • I prefer 2 pieces then easier to mix n match…
    I also got limited clothes so always rotate the same sets hi hi….

  • Wah! Your tummy showing already ah????
    I’m still in my regular cloths leh…. I just went to dig all my preggy cloths out but has not wash them… Maybe will go buy a few new ones when I go KL next month…. the nausea is kicking in!!!!! *aaarrrggghhh*

  • That’s quite a bit of stash for RMB400!!! I can’t find value-for-money here. If it’s cheap, it ain’t nice. So far I have been shopping for maternity clothes from maternitymall. However, I’d noticed that they hiked their shipping charges from USD20 last year to over USD50 this year! So I ain’t buying from there anymore. I need more clothes too as I can’t wear the ones with Bryan cos I was slim then, and I’m bored with the ones I wear with Brandon. Afterall, it was only last year!!!! I also tend to buy stuff that I can wear post-pregnancy. In fact, I was still wearing some of the capri pants post pregnancy #2 up till now! LOL

  • That’s a nice stash of clothes you’ve got, and all for RMB400 – that’s really a steal. I have not been wearing much of the maternity clothes from my 1st pregnancy, coz I’m much smaller this time…thank goodness my younger sis passed me some. So far, I’ve only needed to buy some tights and 2 pairs of stretchable pants.

  • Wen – Haha, standard line ya πŸ™‚ I’m getting by, day by day, and counting down of course.

    Irenelim – Thanks πŸ™‚

    Chanel – Ya, I don’t want to buy so many since they’ll be tight soon.

    Angeleyes – Aiyo…my tummy’s quite big in the first place πŸ˜› Hang in there ya!

    Paik Ling – Wow, the shipping’s really high. I tend not to buy anyting online if the shipping’s too high. Lucky that I can find affordable maternity and baby’s clothes here. Btw, it should be RMB400++

    A Mom’s Diary – Ya, it’s quite a nice shop although I had to mine through rows and rows of buttons, bows, patterns, flowers to find these simple ones, stressing “Jian dan, jian dan” LOL