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Lunch at a Hunan (湖南) Chinese restaurant

This was the first lunch I had with the expat group and boy, was it fun! We went to this Hunan, a province in central China, restaurant out of chance because the one we wanted to go to went out of business 😛

Since there are almost 20 of us, we had to look for one that had a VIP room to fit us because we were LOUD! I heard that in the past, they were almost ‘banned’ from a restaurant hahaha the poor dears…

Anyway, I think it’s a fusion-style restaurant because the cooking styles varied i.e. we had a mix of nice and not-so-nice dishes!

The first is cabbage stir-fried with bacon and dried chilli peppers, which was delicious 🙂 That’s why the photo shows bits of leftover cabbage only…

The second dish was stir fried glass noodles with yup, cabbage again. This was also quite tasty…

The third dish that appeared didn’t look that appetising because the ingredients were drowning in oil!

If I recall, it’s tofu slices and white fish in dried chilli peppers (水煮鱼), which are a signature dish of Hunan. It wasn’t popular though because each piece was dripping with oil…

The fourth dish, a stir-fried beef with peppers was quite good with a spicy oomph! due to those naughty little peppers. Although it was delicious, I couldn’t eat too much of it because it was SPICY!

Deep fried prawns, what can I say? The fritters were crispy and the prawns were fresh. Everything was eaten up in a matter of minutes, batter crumbs and all 🙂

We waited almost forever for this fish cooked in Sichuan peppers and were not exactly thrilled with it. For one, the fish had lots of tiny little bones and even if it was tasty, I didn’t like the “ma lat” (tongue-numbing) effect of Sichuan peppers. Worse, it was sooooo oily…

Lunch came up to about RMB55 per person, which is quite pricey. The reason? We were split up between two tables, which meant double portions of the same dishes. Everyone agreed that the next time, we’d squeeze into ONE table no matter what!

Would we go back to the restaurant? Maybe yes, maybe no. With only the few dishes as the ‘stars’, there was little to attract us back especially as the service was really poor. All the waiters and waitresses did were to stand and stare at us and whispering and giggling among themselves that we were “wai guo ren” etc.

More food reviews coming up 🙂

P/S Sorry for the poor quality of the photos. I was using my cellphone, which alternates between near and far shots on its own accord. My poor Canon IXUS is at the workshop you see…

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  • HN April 17, 2009, 7:29 pm

    Glad that you have a great ‘girlie’ time wt your friends 🙂 Oh, I don’t like waiters to stand and stares at me when I eat too… that’s even more rude to giggle and whisper among themselves!

  • Kit April 22, 2009, 11:28 am

    HN – Ya, once a week only but definitely something I look forward to 🙂