REVIEW: Bübchen Bath Oil and Lotion

Our little boy has eczema , which flares up during the cold and dry season. We had been using Sebamed’s range of liquid cleansers, all of which weren’t moist enough for China.

To counter this, I bought Bübchen’s (a German brand, prounounced as “bewb-kh-urn”) Bath Oil and Lotion during our Hong Kong trip.

Bübchen is a very well-known German brand of natural baby skincare products made with aloe vera, chamomile and calendula.

When I spotted the bath oil and lotion in a Hong Kong pharmacy, I immediately bought 2 bottles!

Of course, I had to quickly remember my German to be sure that I bought a bath oil and not a baby lotion :-)

Hubby and I just love bathing him with the bath oil because all we need to do is smooth it all over his body while he plays in the tub and then splash water over him to rinse it off!

He smells really, really delicious after that but what’s important is that his skin stays moist without us having to apply an after-bath lotion.

We only wished that the bath oil could have a thicker consistency because the precious drops drip off our hands quickly. I’ve taken to squirting it straight onto his body to avoid wasting any more.

I think I paid HKD45 for the 200 ml bottle, which makes this bath oil and lotion quite pricey. Has anyone seen this brand in Malaysia? I just love it and think I’m gonna ask my friend in France to look out for some for me :-)

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