Shopping for baby and Mommy

Other than reading, resting, EATING or coughing my head off, I’ve been surfing the net for maternity or baby stuff I need.

I got to start looking for maternity pants and tops because my regular pants are getting tight around the waist. Thank God summer’s here as I can get away with capri pants and t-shirt tops.

Tough looking for tops and pants with NO cute buttons, ribbons or flowers hehe. I will NOT look like a giant lollipop or life-sized Hello Kitty!

I sure miss my old Lewre loafers back home because they are soooo comfortable to walk around in. Not easy looking for loafers in size 38 or 39 here. Remember my boots dilemma?

Hope I can find a comfy pair soon…

I’m glad I did an inventory check on this post about the 10 Most Useful Items for Babies and Toddlers.

Since I plan to use my Paypal money to buy stuff, Hubby will not object to a shopping spree 🙂

I’m thinking of getting some XL sized cloth menstrual pads but wonder if I’ll be able to carry it through.

I won’t have a maid and with a new baby, breastfeeding, cloth nappies and regular clothes to wash, not to mention the CRAZY toddler, I don’t think either the confinement lady or I will have energy to clean bloodstained pads!

After all, the lochia is for about a month, right? Will mums who’ve used postpartum cloth pads share their experiences please?

However, the big items are on the KIV list because we’re not sure if we’ll be back in Malaysia for good or stay on in China. In any case, I’m hoping to stay on in Malaysia until the baby’s 6 months old.

If that happens, then I’ll need a carry cot that doubles as a car seat since he has his own car seat.

Other than that, I THINK I’m all set using all the clothes and equipment I have for him. I’ll only need to get cute baby girl clothes when we know more later 😉

So…any advice and tips for this newbie Mum to two???

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    That’s my only advice to every mom.

  • C, I heard the good news from Syn yesterday! Soooo happy for you and your hub. Sorry, haven’t able to read blogs as frequently as I wish. Well, my dear, now that you have a bun in the oven, take as much rest and sleep (as what Mott said) as you can. 🙂

  • i m slowly converting into cloth too, so with the pads. for heavy days, still on disposable. cloth only on light days. there are menstrual cups but its sounds to yukky to insert it into our body. yes, using paypal is best, for me too 🙂

  • You’ll be back in Malaysia for the delivery? Penang or Kuching?

  • wah, ur planning well ahead….good but don’t get too worked out yea. take it easy n rest a whole lot while u can b4 u hv 2 kids 2 handle.

  • I havent try pospatrum pad yet. May be you can try half2?? Hehe.. Just rest more okay..

  • So, when will you be back here????
    Can’t wait to yak with you!!!! 😛

  • huisia Link

    congrats again..
    you must board the flight before 34weeks,then means you are going to stay on in m’sia about 8 mths if you really wait till the baby is 6mths old. are you sure ar?

  • Wow you’re starting preparations already! My biggest advice would be: sit back, relax and enjoy the pregnancy 🙂 The rest can follow :):)

  • Mott – Thanks, I needed the straight talking to. Had a good nap today.

    Vien – Thanks. Missed you lots!!!

    Chinnee – I’m fully on cloth for 6 months already 🙂 Don’t think I can do it for postpartum though. Too much hassle.

    A Mom’s Diary – Definitely going home so I won’t have to worry about the boy. Plus, all our gear’s there.

    Syn – Ok, I will.

    Bonnie – Thought I’d try but on second thought, it’s too much of a hassle esp with newborn and a tot!

    Angeleyes – Planning for mid-July unless I give up earlier 😛 Yeah, let’s meet up!

    Hui Sia – Thanks! I meant that if I do go back to China, I’ll only do so after the baby is born and is 6 months old first.

    Paik Ling – Ok, I think I better stop coz even Hubby thought I was crazy when I searched for carry cots on eBay LOL Well, just trying to distract myself from the nausea and all see 😛