Two Little Trains by Margaret Wise Brown

When the tot seemed to like Margaret Wise’s Browns “Goodnight Moon (Big Book)” a lot,, I started looking out for more of her books and was happy to find “Two Little Trains” for my little train fan.

If you have a little train fan, you will understand how excited they can get when they spot a train anywhere!

Even if the Margaret Wise Brown had drawn a partial train on the book cover, the toddler could still spot it.

Flipping through the first few pages, he was delighted to see a “present” – a wooden toy train. He immediately said that he wanted a purple present for Christmas. And you guessed it – a train!

two-little-trains-margaret-wise-brownTwo Little Trains” is a creative book where we follow two trains on their individual yet parallel journeys “to the West”.

One is a real, modern, express train going up hills, across bridges and through tunnels.
Another is the child’s wooden toy train, which mimics the real train’s actual journey through a child’s fantasy around the house using various props like:
– the shower for rain in the bathroom,
– the banisters of a flight of stairs for a hill,
– a book propped up horizontally for a tunnel,
– the toy train going through a bowl of grapes, which looked like purple trees…

Train fans will love the fantasy ride through all the above as I imagine that’s probably what’s going on in my son’s head when he plays with his trains all over the house. The trains end their journey at the boy’s bedside when he goes to sleep.

Personally, I found the ending rather abrupt and had some difficulty adjusting my reading tone to end appropriately with the sudden ending. I think my toddler was also hanging on for further action LOL

Reading the book again and again with my toddler, I’m amazed at how creative “Two Little Trains” is and how the best children’s books are built out of such simple plots! Pure genius…

Yawnnnn…my toddler’s asleep and I think I’m done for the day too. Good night, everyone 🙂 Buy “Two Little Trains” by clicking here.