Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

I was delighted to find Goodnight Moon (Big Book) among the shelves of the library – it’s a good, old American children’s classic.

goodnight-moon-margaret-wise-brownReading this picture book with my toddler, I now understand why this book, which was first published in 1947 is still a nursery favorite.

The board book starts with a little rabbit getting ready for bed in his room. Another rabbit, his mother, sits in a rocking chair at another end of the room.

I think the little rabbit is trying to delay bedtime as long as he can because he goes about wishing “good night” to practically everything in his room!

From the moon, a red balloon, a mouse, a pair of mittens, kittens, socks, telephone, a picture of the cow jumping over the moon etc, the little rabbit is trying to think of everything he could wish good night too until his Mother says “hush!”.

Finally, the little rabbit ends his “good night” routine and falls asleep.

Reading the picture book together (and he demanded a second and third reading), I noted:
– the objects a toddler would be familiar with,
– the easy rhyme throughout the book and I wasn’t even tired of saying, “good night” again and again LOL,
– the brightly contrasting illustrations (by Clement Hurd) and – the interspersing of black and white illustrations in between the coloured plates. Interesting!

Goodnight Moon definitely held my toddler’s attention from the beginning till the end. After the third reading, he could even repeat some of the lines himself.

A few days later, he started his own “good night” routine to the items he sees in the hall:
– Good night, TV
– Good night, computer
– Good night, player (DVD player)
– Good night, another player
– Good night, scooter
– Good night, air-cond
– Good night, clock

Listening to his litany, I think our apartment needs a bit more nature because it certainly sounds like a mini electronic city in here!!!

Goodnight Moon is such an easy and delightful book with a simple storyline, I believe that you could even read it aloud to babies.

I’m loving Ms. Margaret Wise Brown a lot – here are her other picture books: