1. huisia

    same, we walk everywhere everyday!
    “Ni ganma” haha..i learned this from china too, and have been using it!

  2. KittyCat

    Paik Ling – I wish I knew how to play mahjong! I bet if you’re in my shoes, you’d pick up fast too :-) No joke.

    Hui Sia – Hahaha, I don’t dare use “ni ganma” in Malaysia though! Someone told me it sounds like swearing???

  3. Very interesting insight into public transportation in China. I went to Beijing some 10 years back on a company trip where everything had been arranged. I’ve always wondered if I’ll survive as an independent tourist in China.

  4. KittyCat

    A Mom’s Diary – Hubby visited China almost 10 years ago too and he said it was REALLY different then. Travel is OK if you can speak and read Chinese and keep a completely open mind about what you’re going to get.

    I had some really fun photos of the first trip we took but in the transfer between camera and hard disk, they disappeared! I’m so heartsick over losing the photos Hubby even offered to bring us on the exact trip again LOL

  5. Interesting!!! Surprised to know that they respect pregnant women and elderly so much in the public transport; coz it’s totally different here in Den Haag! When I took a tram/bus when I had Sethy, standing dangerously by just holding on the hanger, no one even bother to look at me 😛

  6. Hi KittyCat! What happened to your post on the one-child policy? I thought it was VERY well-written. In any case, I have a blog award for you. Pick it up here

  7. KittyCat

    HN – No matter what anyone says about China being a “developing” or “backward” nation, many mothers / elderly over here can attest to the fact that there are actually more courteous and considerate people here than in “developed” nations :-)

    WhoIsBaby – Sigh…that’s the sad fact about big cities, China included (and the rise in global warming). Hopefully, large city planners will look into the public transport systems of Japan, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and China as excellent initiatives for inner city and inter-city travel.

    Drey – I’ve put it back up. Thanks for your positive comment but the post made me so sad, you see.

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