Rest and Relax

Guess the title says it all, doesn’t it?


I started out wanting to make this a travel blog on China but with

    • cooking,
    • cleaning,
    • cockroach killing,
    • household appliance fixing,
    • preschooling,
    • part-time working,
    • vege, meat and chicken marketing,

  • grocery shopping,
  • maid handling,
  • packing,
  • un-packing,
  • season changing,
  • sick-falling,
  • doctor-chasing,
  • patient-caring,
  • butt-wiping, spoon-feeding, teeth-brushing, toddler-yelling,
  • bedtime story reading,
  • blog(s) updating,
  • blog(s) hopping,
  • chatting,
  • emailing,
  • headlines reading,
  • Chinese learning,
  • homesicking
    …and all other items on my growing to-do list, I am finally admitting that I’m spread too thin! (and remaining fat in all the wrong places)

What started out as my desire to share with you our sweet and sour experiences in China has turned out to be one DEPRESSING, deadly dull blog about my illnesses, homesickness, unhappiness and what seems to be a Chinese-bashing center. I’m grumpy, grouchy and bitchy here. This is definitely NOT one blog I’m proud of!


Furthermore, I just *stink* at uploading and aligning photos in WordPress. Each time I see my badly aligned photos and accompanying descriptions, the perfectionist in me just goes berserk!!! Try as I did in switching between “visual” and “html”, the posts still DON’T turn out as they are supposed to.

And…I just can’t get the “similar posts” plugin to work here!!!

Thus, I’m throwing the tea towel at WordPress and turning it into a white flag, declaring “I Give Up!”

Thanks so much for your kind comments and patience with me. As you can see, babies, books and fresh air make me happy, which bring out the better part of me 🙂

This means that the banana is on a blog break. Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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  • What??? No more funny postings?? I say, KittyCat, you only give a perspective to what REAL motherhood is like. Not the Stepford Housewvies kind of tale. Anyhow, enjoy this break and please, don’t make it into a permanent one!!

  • I’ll definitely miss your tongue in cheek posts! And who cares about misaligned photos anyway? *hugs*

  • Have a good break. We’ll be waiting for you when you get back. 🙂

  • KittyCat Link

    Thanks for the support, dears, I couldn’t stay away! This place is like my scratching, biting post (haha, puns unintended).

  • depressing? dull? boring?! definitely none of these came to mind when i read ur posts. don’t let it get u down…really, ur doing a good job! u shld continue yea?!

  • KittyCat Link

    Syn – Thanks for the vote of confidence! Will remember you next time I post…

  • Hehe…guessed your plan for a break took a break instead, huh? I see a new post on top.

  • I like your blog!!! they are not dull and dead. 🙂

  • Hi Kitty Kat, hey….relax girl. Go make a glass of iced lemon tea, kick up your legs…listen to a Nat King Cole CD, you’ll be fine, ha ha.
    Have a beautiful Sunday, Lee.