The Four Seasons

When folks heard that we’re moving to China for a few years, one common comment I heard is,

“Wow…so fun! You get to experience the four seasons!!!”

Living with summer, autumn, winter and spring is not as FUN as as the media would have you believe.
Now that I’ve clocked one year in China, here’s what life through the four seasons are for each family member:


– Begins around end Aug when the temperature drops from 29 deg C to a pleasant 27 deg C during the day and night. The only hitches are lots of rain and well, TYPHOONS!!!

September and October (except the first week of October, which is their NATIONAL holiday) are the BEST months for travel in China.

Toddler and mother– During the day, he’s in long-sleeved cotton t-shirts and jeans. At night, just long-sleeved cotton pyjamas. I use the summer quilt filled with cotton or polyester.

Father – At work, he’s in long-sleeved work shirts and pants. At night, he’s in t-shirts and sweat pants.

Father and son sleep without the quilt. Toddler kicks off quilt even while asleep if I put it over him!

No sun, smelly clothes, smelly bolster. Food doesn’t spoil easily too. Great weather for walks! I save on taxi fare because the bus is only RMB1 per trip (no air-condioning needed)


The weather is cold graduating from 24 deg C (day) and 19 deg C (nights) to 12-15 deg C and as low as 5-10 deg C. Nobody eats ice-cream in McDonald’s πŸ™‚ Some strong (or silly) girls CAN still wear tights and frilly skirts with boots. The Chinese steamboat restaurants are packed.

Travel during winter around south-east China is quite pleasant…what chills you in China is the WIND, which brings tears to my eyes, makes me stuff my hands in my pockets and hunch my shoulders.

Life is already hard in winter without snow. I know it’d be tough if you have snow, sleet, slush, ice, hailstorms, blizzards, snowstorms…my hats off to those in Alaska, Beijing, Canada, Russia and everyone else in the northern hemisphere and Antarctica!

Toddler – During the day, he’s in thermal underwear, quilted pajamas and socks at home. If we go out, I’d add a thick coat with hood over his suit. He REJECTED mittens but agreed to a hat when I wore one too. When he wasn’t potty trained, I had a tiring 12-step routine each time he pooed!

At night, he needs long johns, quilted pajamas and a fleece/wool sweater plus thick/wool socks and a wool/silk quilt. Can you imagine the scenario when his diaper overflows with urine during the night? We have to change EVERYTHING.

Oh yes, he also needs frequent moisturizing as his eczema acts up! High maintenance, man, this toddler…

Now that it’s early winter and he’s in school, he’s in long-sleeved turtleneck thick cotton shirts, corduroys or fleece-lined pants, thick socks and a fleece jacket. I need to pack extra 2 shirts, pants and underwear. Just in case he pees through his pants or sweats through his shirts.

Mother – During the day, I wear thermal underwear on top of regular underwear, a wool (fleece isn’t warm enough for me) sweater and corduroys and thick socks. Once, I even wore ski pants! And gloves when I was blogging LOL

At night, I only swap the corduroys for thick, fleece pants and change to wool socks. If it’s not too cold, I can wear a fleecy bathrobe-pyjama pant suit ensemble which is warming and attractive…at least if you like a giant PINK bunny shuffling around.

I’ll also sip DOM during those cold winter nights to keep warm.

If I’m having my period, Hubby stays far, far away as I’m SUPER GROUCHY – going to the toilet is annoying enough with 3 layers to pull down and pull up so having to deal with pads etc is enough to make anyone a SNARLING, SNAPPING, SMOKE-PUFFING DRAGON for at least 4 days!

Father – Daytime, thermal undershirt, wool sweater and corduroys or cotton slacks. He only needs a waterproof winter coat with a hood when he goes out.

At nights, in full thermal underwear, a cotton/fleece pyjama suit, topped with a wool sweater and thick cotton socks. Silk/wool quilt which is sometimes not even fully drawn up. Sometimes, he even has the nerve to turn to this pupa in the cocoon and say,

“Brrrrr…perfect weather for sleeping!”

Meat thaws really slowly but fruits, vegetables and overnight food don’t rot πŸ™‚


– Interestingly, it’s the COLDEST period for China since it’s usually January or February when it’s the Chinese New Year, the peak of winter. I escaped it last year since we flew back for Chinese New Year but next year, I’ll know how COLD (-2-5 deg C?) it is as we’ll be back when preschool starts.

The only thing I notice now that is that Chinese New Year clothes are thick and padded with furry collars. Thankfully, I’ll be wearing a summer qipao

All in all, living with the four seasons is EXPENSIVE and involves a lot of packing and unpacking of clothes out of cupboards into storage boxes or vice versa.

As the weather grows colder, I think about the Sichuan earthquake victims and all the poor people in China who live in the colder regions. I believe many people die during the winter due to lack of food, clothing and heating.

NOTE: In many parts of south and south-eastern China, the average apartment/home does not come with heating thus clothing is all you have to keep you warm.

Last year, we suffered a bit as we only had a portable heater for the coldest nights. At least we had hot water. This year, I’mΒ thankful we have hot water, heated lamps for the bathroom and the portable heater.


– Starts the middle of May, peaks in June and lasts until August. Blistering tempertures starting from 28 deg C to heatstroke-causing highs of 34 dec C. No sane person on the streets between 11 am to 4 pm.

Everyone’s air-conditioner is turned on the whole day and night. To regulate body temperature, I maintain 27 deg C but once we had to turn it down to 25 deg C. Coughs to share everywhere. Everyone stops at the juice bar 2-3 times a day. The swimming pool and beach is C-R-O-W-D-E-D with Chinese faces, squeals and splashes. Ice-creams for dessert!

Toddler – In singlet, shorts and sandals. SWEATS like a pig no matter what he does. Bathes twice a day.

Mother – At home, in the thinnest and oldest tank tops and shorts. After cooking over the hot stove, I feel faint and runs to the cool hall to recuperate! A few friends also complain of dizzy spells, headaches and breathlessness, which are signs of heat stroke. Drinks water like a horse. Guilty of looking like a real auntie with flip-flops when meeting son after from school.

I take the taxi everywhere and painfully see 8-18 yuan gone for various trips. I think I spent 500-800 yuan a month for taxi alone during the early months I dropped off and picked up my toddler at preschool. The bus costs 2 yuan, which we only take during the weekends heading for the mall. Taxi back with the groceries!

Father – At work, he’s in short-sleeved shirts and slacks. At home, he’s in the thinnest t-shirt and shorts. Refuses to wear singlets due to armpit hair and beer belly LOL Suggests ice-cream for dessert EVERYDAY. Buys fresh juice for family regularly. Faithfully tops up ice-tray in the fridge.


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  • wow..the winter there is quite warm huh?

    is that normal?

    KittyCat: Yeah, it’s normal as we’re in the south ma…

  • *sigh* It’s starting to get hold here (again), & every year at this time I wonder how I went from hot, humid Malaysia to 30-below-0 (F) windchill. Which technically doesn’t start till about January, but lasts till May. Ok, maybe March… =P Stay warm!!

  • Err actually, I was just commenting to my hubs that we’re lucky we don’t have 4 seasons else it would be so cumbersome to dress the babies up each time the weather changed. For us, it’s T-shirt or T-shirt?

  • clarissa Link

    Eh? All those layers of clothings!!You guys model skinny or what? 10 degrees aint THAT cold!
    Some tips…
    We lose lots of heat from our extremities so for feet, do try fleece-lined booties to keep the feet warm indoors, a thick scarf and beanie outdoors (my mum used to wear a beanie to bed when it hit 5 degrees), hot water bottles to warm up the bed before bedtime,
    Also, a warm vest helps keep chest colds away, several mugs of hot chocolate throughout the day not only gives a nice toasty feeling, there’s the bonus of bulking up your natural insulation (haha!) to save on so much winter clothing and time putting them on and taking them off during showers or toilet visits. πŸ™‚

    Clarissa: Are you Canadian or Wisconsinian??? You sound suspiciously so! πŸ˜‰ The locals here don’t think winters are that cold here so I’m the only frozen weirdo. Throw in my above-the-average-Chinese but below-the-average-Caucasian sizes and you’ll understand why it’s almost impossible for me to buy decent clothing or shoes unless I pay thru my freezing nose.

    Have been drowning in hot chocolate and shuffling in thick socks πŸ™‚ Not the time for beanies yet…

  • As long as you’ve got lots of storage space, then nevermind lah…can have clothes for four seasons! Alternatively, can buy one of those “vacuum-suction” type of storage bags. πŸ™‚

  • When we were in Arizona, we had to endure heat up to 42degC and sometimes 50 when we enter our car in the afternoon. At night it will still be around 35-36. Anyone who ended up there would have cracked skin despite frantically moisturising oneself. In the fall, I enjoy the changing colours of the leaves. We don’t really see spring flowers in the desert though. The upgrade of living in a desert is, its dry at anytime and you won’t perspire (well most of the time) in any season, making it all a tad easier. I notice in 4 season countries, the weather report is a ‘thing’ there as its always the topic! ‘Nice weather huh, bad weather huh?’

    BTW, i would like to introduce you to my other blog about our home and organisations (i’m hooked)

    KittyCat: OMG, that’s scorching hot!!! I don’t think my headaches would have endured that heat…I am definitely neither a summer or winter person. Only spring or autumn for me LOL

    Hey, I’m gonna read your new house blog AND add you to my blogroll but NO blog pimping here ok! πŸ˜‰

  • Better than me here. Summer can be as high as 38’C, winter can be as low as -7’C! Most of the time is between 10-15’C…. Ohhh… I miss sunshine soooooooo much!

  • turtle neck, fleece lined pants and fleece jacket seems quite thick for him for 24 degree celcious daytime temperature. Does the 12-15 degree means its the daytime’s lowest temperature and not the nighttime’s? If so, then it makes sense.

    We are a lucky lot in Malaysia not to have to pay for clothing for 4 different seasons, yea? How long would you be staying in China, btw? Hope to see you back in Malaysia soon. But it sure is fun reading about your life in China.

    The crowded swimming pools sounds like its the norm. We always get forwarded emails on crowded swimming pools in China. It’ amazing how many people that one swimming pool in the email post can pack in. hee hee..

    Did you manage to get Deanna, dearie?

    KittyCat: 10-15 deg C is probably the coldest it ever gets in winter around here (Jan-Mar?). Now, it’s around . The jacket is only used when he’s outdoors in the wind. Indoors at school, it’s just the long-sleeved turtleneck shirt and pants. No heating, remember?

    Yes, I am a Malaysian true and true as my FAVOURITE attire are t-shirts and shorts/jeans! Haven’t contacted Deanna yet as I’m busy booking flight tickets, packing, having my PERIOD and nursing a SICK toddler πŸ˜›

  • yeah, agree on that. It’s expensive to live here with a toddler, keep buying clothes,and shoes…

  • You should invest in electric blankets for winter. Just turn it on before will make the bed warm and toasty for a good night sleep. But remember to turn it off right before you hop into the bed. Some ppl can get minor headache from sleeping with a warm blanket. I know my mom is one of them.

  • And all this while I wished I could experience living in a country with four seasons. I can imagine how tiring it can be dressing and undressing with layers and layers of clothings during winter.

  • maybe you can think of buying is good, even can dry up the thick clothes.

    I cannot wear fleece, as i have allergic. So now, i just wear normal long sleeves and long pants, luckily i still can stand the cold, emm..maybe due to pregnant.

  • Hi there! oh i hate winter in china…
    when we stayed in Shanghai, the lowest can reach min 5 but the chill go until our bones, and the freezing cold wind ooh…hate it!
    And when using heater…the air become VERY dry. And our skin too!
    I love tropical sun!

    Take care you and Happy New Year!!

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