Milk products from China

It’s coming close to a month since the melamine in milk scandal in China broke out.

When the news got out, we literally had to throw out all milk and dairy products such as:

This the only brand non-China folks will buy either for home consumtion or for business. One of my friends here who owns a Western restaurant had to throw out CARTONS of unopened Nestle milk, for the sake of safety!

In a developing country who’d experienced a nationwide Great Famine decades ago, throwing out unopened food is a SERIOUS ISSUE. I believe the unopened packs WILL be picked up by the poor, who are getting by on less than US$1 a day…




The situation in the supermarkets were bad because the milk and dairy section was wiped out and restocked but nobody’s buying.

Mengniu set up a friendly and colourful GIANT booth to restore consumer confidence but if you want my personal opinion (coming from a public relations background), it’s gonna take time to rebuild your reputation!

My ayi reported that some China-brand formula milk, which previously retailed for about RMB80-100 per 900 g were even sold on a buy-one-free-one (mai yi, song yi) basis. Of course, those in the lower income group ARE forced to buy these because it really is a good deal for them.

I just hope that the unscrupulous entrepreneurs realise that brand-building is terribly TOUGH, especially in the food and drug industries. God knows, Sanlu is a deadly (pun intended) brand now…


Since the boy still snacks on cheese, we had to get these *extremely expensive* imported cheese, RMB25-27 per pack! A local brand, Milkana, is pretty OK (and RMB10 cheaper) but the fussy fella doesn’t like it 😛


When my China neighbour recommended me to get milk “straight from the cow or goat”, I imagine the poor animals fenced up in one corner of the fresh food market until one evening…

These little fellas showed up! Hahaha, I thought I was looking at “Peter the Goatherd” and “Little Swan” from Johanna Spyri’s Heidi!

They didn’t smell. They’re very clean. They softly bleated, “Mehhh!!! Mehhhh!” Even he was fascinated and imitated them LOL

I just found it so, so, so funny to find these goats at the side of road bustling with carbon-spewing buses, cars, lorries, trucks and taxis. Amazing!

I was tempted to try out the FRESH goat’s milk (RMB6 squeezed into a 500 ml bag) until I noticed one of the goat’s engorged udder. I’ve SOOOO curious if the goat’s suffering from engorgement (like breastfeeding mothers?) or is she not well?


Soya bean milk is a staple in the Chinese diet – many local Chinese drink soya bean milk for breakfast, accompanied by the man tou. When the melamine-tainted milk hit the media, every Chinese (especially the all-knowing wise old folks aka grandmothers or crotchety mothers-in-law) charged full steam ahead in giving ONLY soya bean milk to their beloved grandchildren.

Another milk alternative is almond milk, which smells heavenly! Hehe, his school gave me some to try 😉

While soya bean is a great source of protein, I’m not entirely sure if

a) it’s just as wholesome as milk or

b) it’s not genetically-modified!!!

Anyhow, he loves to have a pack of chocolate milk each time he goes to the supermarket. In place of the Nestle chocolate milk, we give him:


It’s OK but he can’t finish the normal TetraPak – I guess it’s not the same…

We got this pack FREE with some groceries but we’ve not opened it yet…I prefer to buy the freshly boiled soya bean milk from the wet market 🙂

Now that the milk scandal has died down, everyone has started buying and drinking milk again. We’ve also started buying McDonald’s ice-cream but I’ve not been enjoying any milk tea yet 😛

Who knows? Some smart cost-efficient business man or woman may just hang on to their stocks of milk, despite the scandal. As the maximum milk expiry dates here are 6 months, I think I’ll wait till next year to drink my favourite milk tea!

Having said all the above, I’d like to point out that if you’re NOT in China, you shouldn’t worry about melamine-tainted food products from China. As with any country, even the US (read story here) you can rest assured that the quality of exports is BETTER than those for local/domestic consumption 🙂

How do you know if you or your children suffer from melamine poisoning? According to the World Health Organization symptoms include:

  • irritability
  • blood in urine,
  • little or no urine,
  • signs of kidney infection,
  • high blood pressure

P/S The boy is much better, thanks! Mummy’s *really* busy with work, household management, winter preparation and of all things, Halloween!!!

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  • U know what..i’m being paranoid. any items from china now, i m extra careful. i threw away money (3 boxes of baby biscuits) *sigh*

  • giddy tigress Link

    Yup, can’t wait for the melamine poisoning stuff to clear out. How about if you get someone to FedEx over some OKAY milk products from Malaysia? Is that allowed? Will it be cheaper then?

  • Oh my goodness! That goat has some serious engorgement! Btw, to drink such fresh means no pasteurization. You better boil them well before drinking them.

  • Hey, if you can get fresh goat milks, you are better off with fresh milks. My mom used to drive all the way up to University Pertanian Serdang to buy freshly milked cow milk by the gallons to last us the whole week. We used to drink fresh milk every morning. She would boil it and make us swallow them.haha.

  • Julie Link

    If this happens in Malaysia I don’t know how to survive without dairy products. And you are right, better wait 6 months or more, I suppose some sellers are still using it cause it’s such a waste to just discard them.

  • Angeleyes Link

    I guess we have to spend a little extra for safety purpose…
    Good thing is not cheap and cheap things is not good! 😛

  • Did you know that Almond Milk is a traditional cure for dry irritation coughs? granma thought me this.

  • yeah, i have to bring in 15 boxes of enfagrow milk from malaysia and paid extra for the overweight… and iI have to travel to the city to get imported milk from new zealand for myself which cost RMB25 per box…. geesh, says who living in china is cheap?

  • Rachel – Some items are best not bought from developing countries…there’s a reason why they are developing, you know? If you read my blog, you will sense that I am very, very particular about what goes into my baby’s mouth! I always believe in “better safe, than sorry”

    Giddy Tigress – If I have a boyfriend working in Fedex, I would get him to send me LOTS of things. But I don’t…sigh And my Hubby’s company does NOT provide the best relocation package ok?

    Vien – Ya, I think there’s an imbalance in demand & supply for the poor goat! I haven’t tried it yet coz I worry about the SMELL LOL Will definitely boil it 🙂

    AllThingsPurple – My Mum tried to do it once but failed miserably because all of us went yuck, yuck! We’re terrible kids lah…you’re all so obedient hahaha

  • Julie – I don’t think we’d reach that level in Malaysia and anyway, there’s always soya and other calcium-rich alternatives. Hehe actually I just had milk tea the other day! (Cannot tahan already)

    Angeleyes – Yup, that’s right 🙂

    Mott – Really? I love it a lot!

    VivianZ – Hahaha, you’ll slowly learn how to ‘import’ stuff from home. Hey, at least you guys are SOOOOOO near to HK ok?

    We’re stranded all the way out here! My only connections are other Malaysian mums and the nice Uncles (who may also have requests from their own wives) from Hubby’s office!