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Saddle Up Your Horse

Waiting for Prince Charming to ride up on his white horse and make you happy? Don’t waste your time. You hold the reins of your own happiness.

You don’t need a knight in shining armour to live happily ever after. But if he arrives, you’ll be ready to ride by his side.

Stop being a victim or a martyr – DO something to change things and lead happiness right to your doorstep 🙂

We women have all the power, knowledge and confidence necessary to create the life we want – without relying on a man to do it for us. We just need to learn to use our innate gifts and start living deliberately today.

Sarah Harnisch’s “GamePlan: The Complete Strategy Guide” is PERFECT if you are looking into making your essential oil passion into a small business success.

I was reading “Saddle Up Your Own White Horse” by Saundra Pelletier, a happily-married woman and a mother herself, who focused on the 5 principles of:
i) being “deliberate creators”,
ii) calling on women’s uniquely feminine talents e.g. multitasking and intuition,
iii) leading the way in our relationships with men,
iv) creating a “cavalry” of other women and
v) finally, mastering the 3 Cs of “Confidence”, “Credit” (not credit cards!) and embracing “Comfort with success”.

I was glued to this book because she draws on her personal experiences as a corporate vice president, a global franchise leader at Fortune 500 companies like GD Searle and Monsanto, and a board member for global pharmaceutical companies.

Women (and men) may find the relationship section that asks the question “Sex: How Much Is Enough?” particularly interesting.

Anecdotes, jokes, quotes by successful women and also stories from other women she’d met make the book easier to read.

It would have been good if her book discussed money management, which is the keystone to a woman’s (especially mothers, married or single) happiness and security.

Still, I’d strongly recommend this book to any woman who’s unhappy with her life, feels like she’s going nowhere or simply wants to energize herself with a dash of self-motivation. Click here to get a copy of “Saddle Up Your Own White Horse: 5 Principles Every Woman Needs to Know by Saundra Pelletier”.

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