REVIEW: MAM Small & Smart Cup

I received this cute MAM cup as a gift. I used it when my boy started self-feeding at about 18 months old. For such a cute-looking and good quality cup by an established brand, I’m sad to say that I don’t like this sippy cup!

First, I didn’t like the 3 detachable parts, which meant that I had to put 3 pieces together each time I prepared a drink.

Also, the valve that makes this cup non-spill turned yellow and grubby after a while even after frequent washings and soakings.

What peeved me the most is that the detachable parts don’t screw on effortlessly. After the first wash, I had to position the double-grip ring and the sipper top carefully before I could tighten it. It took me a few times before I could twist it tight.

The boy *liked* the cup and happily gripped both handles.

However, imagine our surprise when water starts dripping out between these parts the first time he sips it!

He offered it back to me and I had a few teeth-gritting moments un-screwing the top and re-fastening it. For a busy Mum who’s preparing dinner with a toddler intent on tossing his dinner at you or everywhere, I definitely felt like tossing the sippy cup too 🙂

I gave it back to him and he tried to sip. Nothing happened. He tried a few times and history repeated itself, he pushed it aside. I decided to try it myself and found that it’s quite hard to sip the water out of the cup.

Boy…if a grown woman had to sip hard to get a drink of water, can you imagine an impatient toddler being patient enough to do so? Definitely not a sippy cup to use if you want to encourage your child to drink water…

I started using the sippy cup to wean him off the bottle but if he finds it easier to drink from his bottle, he’s not going for the sippy no matter how cute or novel it is!

Lastly, the MAM Small and Smart Cup is made of polycarbonate plastic, which I don’t think it’s BPA-free. I would have preferred it to be of polypropolene (PP) which is much more lasting and durable.

I see this cup being sold at many places thus I was surprised at its poor performance. Any Mums out there who experienced otherwise?

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  • PL Link

    I’ve not seen it being sold here, I think. I’ve been using Nuby sippers and they are great! They even come with spare parts ie when the sipper turns brown and grimy. Can you get it in China?

  • Syn Link

    u know, i was going to get the MAM baby bottles for no. 2 as they’re bpa free and easy to get here. but when i checked it out at the store and found out all parts need to be dismantled for sterilising and they had so many components, i was really put off. moreover, they’re fat and wont be able to fit in an electric bottle warmer which i want to get. so i ditch this plan.

    now reading ur experience with their sippy cup and also had problems with just 3 parts, i’m glad i didnt get them. i’m jst wondering when dr. brown and avent are bringing in their bpa free products here. they’re smart too, selling their current ones at cheaper rates! tsk tsk tsk!

  • Angeleyes Link

    Pardon my ignorance but I’ve not seen or heard of this brand… 😛

  • haha…i remembered i had one when i was a little kid too… =P

  • Vien Link

    We use Gerber Playtex sippy cups. The handles comes attached with the cup. One good thing about playtex is it comes in different stages to accomodate the baby’s growth.

  • constance Link

    i’ve not see this brand before.. but i’ve tried those Pigeon ones which my kids love. they love the cute little cartoons and i’ve bought the same ones again when the parts go missing or spoils. It can be upgraded into straws and you can buy new straws to replace too.

    i bot an Elmo sipper from a well known brand before (but can’t remember now) and it was also very hard to sip. Now use them as the kids’ toothbrush cup.

  • Looks nice 🙂

  • Vien, Paik Ling and Constance – Have not seen Nuby, Gerber or Pigeon stuff. I was a No. 1 AVENT fan. And once I like something, I am loyal till the end.

    Now, I’m done with sippers and going straight for the cup! You should see the variety I have…Hubby has said STOP lol

    Syn – I saw pics of the MAM bottle and heard good stuff about them. I kind of like the 3-part bottle as it ensures cleanliness. Try twisting them on and off a few times. I always like widenecked bottles coz they’re easy to clean. Don’t just get bottles for the sake of fitting a warmer LOL The bottles take priority!

  • I had the same problem of not getting any liquid out from the Avent sippy cup so I tried removing the valve and the liquid came pouring out. Not user-friendly at all. It was chucked aside after the first try. YY went straight to cup 🙂

  • A Mom’s Diary – I have the AVENT sippy cup too, which similarly did nothing to help either. Great that YY is off the bottle! Lucas is still on it though he alternates with the cup :S

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