Korean (韩国人- hán guó rén) Beauty

I take the taxi every day and I visit the market or supermarket every other day.

9 times out of 10, I’m SURE to be asked,

“Ni shi Han Guo ren?” (Are you a Korean?)

The only Korean actress I know is Song Hye Kyo, the famous actress in the only Korean TV drama I watch i.e. “Autumn in my Heart (K-DRAMA)” and “Hotel”.

Then, I look at myself in the mirror.

Okay…I may have large eyes (at least larger than the average Chinese), a pointy chin, longish hair and a big smile. If I tried really hard, I could be “cute” – as best as a 30+ year old MOTHER can muster!

BUT I have really tanned skin (even darker now under the hot, summer sun), a “healthy” 56 kg body and the quick, long strides of an impatient MOTHER.

There is NO CHANCE in hell I could stand in for Song Hye Kyo!

Yet, I get comments like these from taxi drivers, fish mongers, and military men:

“All you Koreans are very pretty…” (a WOMAN said that to me once)

“We love the way you Koreans speak Chinese. Sounds so cute!” (Especially after incredibly embarrassing moments when I fumble my way through Mandarin)

“You Korean girls are definitely more gentle (wan rou or wen ruan?) than our Chinese girls…”

One of my all-time favourites is:

“Can you teach me how to make Korean kim chi (pao cai)?” 😛

I LOVE Korean food and one of my favorite home chefs is Maangchi whose home-style recipes are one of the BEST!

You need to try out her kim-chi recipe in her recipe books:
Maangchi’s Real Korean Cooking: Authentic Dishes for the Home Cook

Maangchi’s Big Book of Korean Cooking: From Everyday Meals to Celebration Cuisine

TIP OF THE DAY: How to charm a mainland Chinese man? Smile and giggle a lot. Oh yeah, and fumble your way with Mandarin!

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  • funny! i’m sure you’re at least flattered! i cannot imagine how i would converse if i’m ever there – already my cantonese is so bad, cant imagine attempting mandarin although i understand my inlaw’s mandarin so much better now then before.

    yea, my hubby wld gag too if i’m ever in your shoes! 😉

  • Kit Link

    Angeleyes – 🙂

    Syn – A moment of fun in this sad SAHM’s life. Don’t underestimate yourself. I’ve met Indians and South Americans who can speak Mandarin! You WILL learn if you HAVE to use it to communicate 🙂 Ok, our hubbies shouldn’t meet hahaha…

  • Ai..not all Koreans are like Song Hye Kyo leh…but then if ppl said you are pretty..just shut up and soak up the compliments. 🙂

  • Kit Link

    Vien – Ok, oklah! Hahahaha (blush, blush in Song Hye Kyo style)

  • Korean women takes a lot of pride in their appearance, and they’ll look their best even if it’s just a short trip to the market, so that’s a really nice compliment. I’ve been mistaken a few times as not being Chinese too.

  • Kit Link

    A Mom’s Diary – Yup, that’s true about Korean women. Me? Far from that…the newest, cleanest t-shirt I can find from the pile and jeans, capris or walking shorts! I’m a real GI Jane LOL

    Should we meet, let me try to seek you out from a group ok? Hahaha

  • Aiseh……if only the fishmonger would compliment me. Even my 2yr old son pokes at the layers of *ahem* “prosperity” at my waist and laughs at his poor old mother!

  • Kit Link

    Paik Ling – WHY the fishmonger??? You want discount for your fish ah? LOL Aiyo…your 2 yo very cheeky to laugh at Mummy already eh! He *loves* the floppy belly (rolls eyes)

  • yeah.. i know wat u mean. I usually get the “You Yipun?” I smile and shake the head, no. “Kolian?” No.. Malaysia. “MALAYSIAAAA??? Skin no dark?” Where they get the idea that Msians generally are tanned? Or are we? I forgot liao !

  • Kit Link

    Hmm…I think it’s because most Malaysian ads overseas tend to feature mostly Malays? Or perhaps it’s the belief that “Malai-si-ya” should only be made up of “Malai-ren”? Probably that’s why “Mei-guo” works so well for the US. A beautiful country can have varieties of beautiful people!