The neighbours 沵干麽? (Nǐ gàn má?)

You can’t move into a new place without talking about your neighbors. While everything was still so new, so rushed and so chaotic, I didn’t think too much about them.

The Kitchen God’s Wife

Now, at exactly 8 am EVERY MORNING and 8 pm EVERY NIGHT, I’m reminded by my neighbor below that they cook. The wok is clanged and the thick smoke wafts up from below. No fault of theirs really as it’s the building design as I hear others in different areas suffer the same plight too. I just wish he/she would cook less fish!

Perfect Neighbors

My next door neighbor is a Chinese family who either love kids or are saints on earth. Almost every day, the boy will scream or I will scream at him “NO!!!”, “Move away from the TV!”, “Don’t throw the ball at the TV!”, “Go out of the kitchen!”, “NO MORE THOMAS!” but we don’t hear a peep from them.

On the other hand, this Malaysian wife and three kids who came to spend the school holidays with her hubby here wasn’t that lucky. Just the second day, she got a very loud knocking at her door. An elderly lady scolded her for not disciplining her kids because their playing and screaming wakes up her newborn granddaughter. Yeah, I do hear that newborn wailing time and again.

I am thankful that I have such lovely neighbors!

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

My most exciting neighbors have to be these 2 feuding couples living diagonally across each other. One late night I was woken up by LOUD yelling and screaming. I thought a couple was quarreling and peeped through the window – I saw a man and woman out in the balcony. I was worried in case it got too dramatic as the woman was holding onto the man. Actually, he was fighting with another man down below…

He shouted and then threw something at them! His wife yelled, “沵干麽? Nǐ gàn má???!!!” (What are you doing?) and dragged him indoors. Of course, Mr. Down Below wasn’t very happy and looked for something to chuck back at Mr. Up There. His wife is such a good SAHM that his balcony has nothing! He could only yell back and then stomp back into his own home – probably to look for something he can chuck to release steam.

I live in such an exciting area! I’m thankful though that such dramas have ended…I love peace, thank you =)

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  • same plight neighbor used to chop the mince..terrible to heard the “tok tok tok” sound..

    actually i don’t want people come to my house, those kids for me are too dirty, i am quite clean freak 🙂

  • KGC Link

    Hehehe, join the gang. I can be quite a ‘kepochi’ when something’s boiling in the neighbourhood. 🙂

    Talking about noise, I think I am the loudest among my neighbours – of course la, only when it comes to screaming at dear son again – inside and outside of our home.

    P.S. When are you returning to Pg?

  • when you are too free and your ears are extra sensitive to any sound,tats when your neighbors will be the victim.
    Solution? just get busy and take a vow of “kindness” then consideration will sets in.
    Pray the rosary and dedicate one decade for me!!!hehehe.
    The above will reduce your anxiety and stress….
    And smile more…..

  • Kit Link

    Hui Sia – oops, you can hear me all the way in Shezhen? LOL I’ll bring over my mincer to stop that “tok-tokking”

    KGC – You would have loved the live drama as I couldn’t believe my eyes! Next week!!!

    Uncle T – yes, see I only posted this after 1.5 months? I have been busy! I smile all the time! Oklah, will pray the rosary soon…