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Cloth diapers for baby

Did you know that the traditional white cloth nappy we all grew up had metamorphosized into an attractive, convenient and highly-absorbent Mummy must-have?

After finding out that it’s a brand called Bumwear, I immediately trawled the net for more details.

The greenie that I am, I’m up for anything that will cut down on the number of diapers we’re adding to the garbage.

Plus, my Mum’s neighbours kept advising me to put him in cloth nappies at home since the disposables posed a risk to his fertility in the future.

Due to their high absorbency, disposables don’t need to be changed as frequently as cloth nappies.

That means, his nappy area gets less airing than he needs and the prolonged hot temperatures in that zone isn’t good for boys (and men)!

With the earth’s health and my son’s fertility in mind, I checked out Bumwear’s bright range of cloth diapers, curious about the
a) absorbency,
b) poop,
c) washing and of course,
d) price.

The explanations on the website seemed satisfactory until I converted the price for each diaper.

Each diaper is priced at SGD25 (RM55) and an insert is SGD7 (RM15.40). Thus, buying 6 + 15 inserts = SGD255 (RM561). It’s quite pricey for a few pieces of diapers but when you take into account that they are non-disposable, you save money in the long run. And, they can be used for the next child and the next!

A pack of MamyPoko costs about RM57 (56 pieces) which we were using at an average of 1 pack every 3 weeks or so. As we use a cheaper brand during the day and MamyPoko for the night, our diaper expenses, including nappy cream, come up to about RM1,500 per year.

Given the fact that boys generally potty train later than girls, I estimated expenses for up to 4 years, which is a whopping RM6,000 on diapers alone!

These are just estimates on regular days when he’s well – the diapers are used up faster when he has diarrhea…

Can you imagine spending RM6,000 on disposable diapers? This amount can be used as down payment for a car, buy a laptop with accessories and a nice vacation for two!

Besides the cost factor, I shudder to think that my boy’s cute butt contributes over:
– 2,000 pieces of diapers to the rubbish pile in his first year each year,
– 4,000 pieces of disposable by his second year,
– 6,000 pieces by his third year and
– 8,000 pieces by his fourth year. That’s like a whole Tesco of disposable diapers crushing you!

Reading the sports section and eating dinner one night, Hubby almost choked on a piece of chicken when I mentioned the total cost to him.

However, after a few quick punches on the calculator, Mr. Dollars & Sense agreed that the cost savings are there in the long run.

Exchanging notes with another blogging mom one day, she mentioned that her son was very comfortable in his diapers other than the odd accident where his urine escapes.

Then, she’ll find ‘mystery puddles’ on the floor while his diaper stayed dry.

As she was also was making a trip down to Singapore at that time, she was happy to buy some back for me. I was thrilled at the thought of saving on the shipping expense and decided to buy a package of 6 diapers + 15 inserts.

How did we fare? Will tell all soon!

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