Little Emperors

Recently, I read “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (pardon the politically incorrectness of the selection) to the kids and now they are quite smitten by the story.

Since I get bored with the same old story, I am thinking that I should tell them my own bedtime stories. Here’s one to start off with:

1. Pu Yi – Better looking than the real Pu Yi, he’s also more enthusiastic and exuberant. He’s also been calling his fellow countrymen and countrywomen to jump onto the bandwagon (!!!) and he’s innocently excited about it when he tells me so. I can only smile.

He gave me a heart attack once when he replied his friend from another region in AN EXTREMELY LOUD VOICE. I waited breathlessly to see if that friend may just deck him in the face but thankfully, that gentleman responded with much grace. Now, they may even get on like a house on fire.

2. Prince of Egypt – Handsome, regal and tall, the Prince walked into the room and sat right in front of me. Since the other testosterones were filling up the room and the clever girls sort of clustered together away from them, I didn’t notice him.

His Majesty decided to address me and was displeased when I showed ignorance of his country of residence. I humbly apologized and the Royal was appeased. Then, His Majesty proceeded to take leave, of which I was suitably suspicious.

After a brief but eloquent exchange, His Majesty decided that this midget is actually Medusa.

Honestly, I found it a bit nerve-wracking talking with the prince-ling since he is charming and courteous. Thanks to my poker-playing father, I called my bluff and His Majesty folded his cards :)

He also kept his word and showed up as he had promised. Plus, he helped with housekeeping and shows a lot of promise. I am hoping that as a leader of the pack, he will set a shining example for future pharaohs. He enjoys his box seats.

3. Genghiz Khan – Moody, he growls when he feels like it or when he’s call on. Unpredictable, unfathomable. I wish he’d pay more attention to his expanding empire…

4. The Happy Prince – The rightful Genghiz Khan, he is more Olaf than Hans. Because of that, he is always dreaming of summer!

5. Pu Yi II – Quiet and reflective, he’s my trump card because he makes me laugh. He’s a smart guy and I hope that he’ll come out of his shell soon to save his country…

6. King Solomon – Smart and insightful. A royal treasure.

7. King Edward VIII – He knows what he wants but it’s yet to be seen if he’ll do it takes.

I am waiting for the day when the Prince of Egypt, the Happy Prince and King Edward VIII will meet to discuss current affairs – will it turn out to be a Clash of the Titans??? Stay tuned.

Red Hot Chilli Peppers or là jiāo (辣椒)!

Hahaha, of course I don’t know if these guys (the band) are called that in Mandarin ;-)

I do know that chillies are called “hot peppers” là jiāo (辣椒), chilli sauce that we’re familiar with is actually “sweet chilli sauce” or tián jiàng (甜酱) while peppers / capsicum are called “sweet peppers” or tián jiāo (甜椒).

In terms of spicy Chinese food, I’ve only tried Hunan cuisine, stinky / smelly tofu (with sweet and spicy chilli sauce) and some Sichuan tofu dish…

If you ask me, I don’t like Sichuan peppers because I don’t like the numb feeling in my tongue and throat a meal.

Then again, people tell that me I’ve not been eating authentic spicy Hunan and Sichuan foods, which are of course tastier in their own cities.

Since I’ve been craving for spicy food, the Hubs mentioned that he’s taking me to a popular Sichuan restaurant in town, which serves a number of dishes that he’d think I’d like.

Anyway, a “red hot chilli pepper” caused a facepalm moment yesterday when she argued hotly with her countryman over a teeny, weeny matter, which was probably due to a miscommunication, a slight misunderstanding or even a disagreement.

Sigh…if only they could have seen themselves. Everyone else around them was wearily waiting for them to STOP.

They eventually did and I was like, “It’s just a small matter. No need to get all excited…”

We have a lonnnnnnnng way to go…

Play-By-Ear Guitar?

One weekend, we brought the kids out for dinner. After dinner, our daughter a toy acoustic guitar while our son asked for a water gun.

Kids being kids, they wanted to play with each other’s toys…anyway, we ended up buying another water gun.

The acoustic guitar?

Interestingly, my robot-Lego-b-Daman-Transformers crazy kid kept himself busy fiddling with the tuning pegs, the strings and did a bit of strumming.

Since I am *always* busy with cooking, cleaning, laundry or homework, I was just relieved to see him having a nice, relaxing time.

Surprise, surprise…he came running excitedly into the kitchen while I was stir-frying a veg or something:

“Mummy, mummy! Look, I can play ‘Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star’ ” on the guitar!”

True enough, he plucked out the song on the little, toy guitar :D

I thought that was really cool – one of my colleagues shared with me that he’d taught himself how to play the guitar when he was teenager.

Hmm…maybe it’s time for an early investment in a fender acoustic guitar for the budding rock star? ;-)