Who is Wang LeeHom?

The journey towards learning Mandarin has been a long and hard road with a lot, a lot, a lot of practice and patience. The reward? Beautiful Chinese songs :)

Yup, our son loves to sing Mandarin songs and one of his favourite artistes is Wang LeeHom. In Mandarin, he’s 王力宏 and the boy goes on to explain that it’s Wang from King, Li from ??? and Hom from Hero. All I know is that he’s a super cute American-born Chinese based in Taiwan.

This handsome lad can not only sing, he plays the piano, the violin, the drums, the guitar and it seems that he’s acted in a few movies too.

While I love his ballads and his hip-hop songs, I also love the songs where he infuses Chinese elements like the erhu and the Beijing opera especially in Hua Tian Cuo – 花田錯.

Another mind-blowing one that has hip-hop, rap and a Chinese flute called koudi is named “Girlfriend”. I wonder if the koudi needs a cane like the oboe?

I’ve just listened to another one called “Deep Within the Bamboo Grove” but that was a bit too heady for me.

LeeHom Wang is such a creative and experimental singer I’m not surprised that he’s got such a huge following both among the young and the old, male and female. Do you like Wang LeeHom too?

Do you like music?

I have often been asked what are my hobbies or Àihào (爱好).

Usually, I would say, tīng gē (听歌), which is my direct translation of “listening to music”.

Actually, tīng gē (听歌) is “listening to songs”, which doesn’t sound that right.

The correct way to reply is: “wǒ xǐhuan yīnyuè 我喜欢音乐 (I love music)”

Then, the person will ask, “Nǐ xǐhuan shénme yàng de yīnyuè? 你喜欢什么样的音乐?(What kind of music do you like?)

I should reply: “Wǒ xǐhuan qīngróu de yīnyuè. 我喜欢轻柔的音乐 (I like soft music.)

Another question: “Nǐ xǐhuan zhōngguó de yīnyuè ma? 你喜欢中国的音乐吗? (Do you like Chinese music?)

I reply: “xǐhuan. Wǒ xǐhuan pípá, Èrhú hé gǔzhēng, 喜欢. 我喜欢琵琶, 二胡 和 古筝.” (I do. I like the lute, the erhu and the guzheng.)

Wǒ yě hěn xǐhuān yáogǔn yīnyuè. 我也很喜欢摇滚音乐.” (I also like rock music.)

That’s about all I can talk about music. Will need to learn more Chinese in order to explain more specialized terms like flat-picking for acoustic guitars :)