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Nǐ hǎo! 你好 

I started the blog with a travel post and a baby.

Then, we had another baby.

The baby and the toddler grew up and went to school.

Since Chinese school involves a lot of coaching, homework and exams, did you know that homeschooling can be a small business too?

Oh yes, there are “home schools” where children follow the school teacher home, eat the food that the teacher buys or prepares and then they even do house chores for the teacher.

What kind of house chores do they do?

  1. Pick up and put away books and toys
  2. Do the laundry – they need to fold, hang and put away  clothes
  3. Set and clear the table
  4. Clean toilets – domestic maids do this.
  5. Make simple meals – Home schools organize baking or cooking classes during school vacations so they learn to bake a cake, cookies, prepare a fruit and vegetable salad.

I have frequently been tasked to be the babysitter, game show host, party planner (for free!) to other people’s kids so I may consider this as a future small business when I retire.

After all, I enjoy cooking, gardening, looking after kids.

I also LOVE birthday parties and I have a HUGE collection of books, music and toys at home 🙂


We’ve just returned from a short weekend away at the beach and I noticed how many women were wearing aviator sunglasses.

In case you’re not sure what they are – see below Ms. Victoria Beckham sporting them back in 2011 with boyfriend jeans.

Why am I blogging about sunglasses?

Well, I was wearing an old pair and my dear mother-in-law actually suggested that I buy a new pair because mine are out of date!

That’s what mothers and mothers-in-law are for

They always want us to look like fashionistas 🙂

I think I need to follow Victoria Beckham’s casual style…t-shirt and blue jeans, dresses and skirts too.