Lanterns for Mid-Autumn Festival

Lanterns for Mid-Autumn Festival

Last year, we started our “Mid-Autum Festival” celebrations :)

First, I brought the kids to buy a paper lantern each. The big boy chose a Dragon for himself while the little girl opted for a Fish.

I can’t remember if I bought them mooncakes or not.

All I know is that we were quite busy with a lantern making competition at school!

At night, I helped them fix the candles into the lanterns and then we sat back to watch the warm glow in the warmth of their bedroom hahaha:

The following night, we joined in the “Mid-Autumn Festival” potluck celebration organized by the residents at our apartment.

To be honest, I found it boring because I only knew a few people there who were kind enough to chat with me for most of the evening. That’s the price you pay for being away for so long!

Anyway, the kids had some fun walking with their lanterns until the part where a naughty boy SNATCHED and BROKE the bamboo sticks for carrying the lanterns.

Since I was sitting down enjoying the fresh air, I didn’t see the kid who did that. Both of the kids were upset by it but since I couldn’t do it anything about it, I asked them if they’d still like to hang around.

They wanted to go home and that’s that.

This year, my son reminded me that we must celebrate “Mid-Autumn Festival” by:
i) lighting up the lanterns – need to look for new sticks!
ii) eating moon cakes – he’s already asked me to save one of the lotus paste ones for that special night and
iii) appreciating the beauty of the moon

Wow, my late grandmother (and his paternal grandmother) would be so proud of him for being sooo Chinese :)

Furthermore, the children’s daycare have also invited parents and children to celebrate the “Mid-Autumn Festival” together and we are looking forward to that!