Camping or Glamping?

A friend of mine shared with me photos of “glamping” or glamour camping where 5-star style restaurants are set in pitched tents in the desert, forest etc and I was thinking: this is so Carrie Bradshaw or Samantha …?

Throughout my teenage and uni years, I’ve gone camping a number of times and I loved it!

Ahh…there’s just nothing like sleeping in the cool of the forest or on the beach under the night stars…you’ve got to try it!

The ONLY thing that I (and possibly, every other girl) detest about camping is going to the bathroom or taking a bath. Unless there are proper toilet or bathing facilities, it’s such a pain taking a bath/hanging up your clothes/towel (or more likely dropping it onto the wet and dirt).

Oh well, that’s the fun of camping out in the wilderness, right?

Anyway, camping equipment is so thoughtfully designed now, camping should be quite comfortable in the 21st century.

Here’s what I’d get if we go camping with the kids:

a) A hammock – nice to rest, relax, take a nap or read a book…
Neolite hammocks pack up really well too!

b) A tent for four

This Seemoo tent looks like it’ll work for an occasional camper like us because it’s water resistant, it’s got windows on the sides and the top and it can fit in a queen sized air mattress. The only thing is that you can’t stand up in it…

This other Seemoo tent for five is tall enough for standing up 🙂

Coleman’s “Instant Tent” is quite a hit because set up takes less than a minute! This tent also has inside pockets for organization and big picture windows, which will be great if we are stuck indoors with KIDS in a rainstorm:

What else do we need??? Pardon me but it’s been at least 15 years since my last camp-out…


Swimsuits for Girls

We are shopping for a girl’s swimsuit and my daughter mentioned that she’d like a two-piece like her brother’s.

Here’s what I found on Amazon:

Sun protection is pretty important to me especially as my kids can play at the beach/pool from 9 am – 3 pm, I think it’s better that they’re in long sleeves and long pants.

Although I’d put her in a one piece before, she said that she felt warmer in the two-piece, in which she could “play and swim forever” hahaha.

I’ll show her these and let her choose the style that she likes – she claims that her favourite colour is pink but sometimes, she’ll go for purple or green too 🙂