Christmas is shèng dàn jié (圣诞节)

That’s what my little girl told me.

We will be celebrating the Spring Festival soon – you must be wondering why I’m still blogging about Christmas.

Will you believe that our Christmas tree is still up?


One, we have been too busy with work and preparing for school that we have not had time to take it down! Crazy, right?

Two, the little girl loves the Christmas tree ornaments *so much* that she can’t bear to have the tree taken down. She decorated the tree this year after looking at this website and I think she’ll be doing it this year too.

She’s my spunky little interior decorator OR fashion designer – she’d just trailed the silver thingy over her kid’s wardrobe. Then, she took off all the silver balls and stringed them into a necklace! She loves all glittery and sparkly stuff :)

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, I guess we’ll keeping thee.

Freedom of Speech

I had never appreciated the right to freedom of speech until I find that day by day, we are allowed to say less and less.

Recently, we had a discussion about this and surprisingly, the Chinese were the ones who defended it the most. They had grown up in silent classrooms for most of their young lives thus, when given the opportunity to speak their minds, they cherish it a lot.

Of course, they come across rather aggressive and blunt in English although they would be more careful with what they say in Mandarin – I’m still wondering why is this so. Are they influenced by the “American” culture they are exposed to?

In any case, I always encourage young people to speak up although I *try* to guide them to do so respectfully and tactfully.

Shopping for tablecloths

If any of my classmates were to stumble upon this blog, I am sure they would ask: “What happened to you???” because I’d be the last person on earth to gush about tablecloths :)

Actually, I find that a pretty tablecloth can cover up an old and ugly table. Plus, it can brighten up a room!

Our dining area was dreadfully dull with a lot of dirty browns – I got an apple green tablecloth, which instantly made the place more cheery.

Then, I inherited a black, horribly scratched desk – I used the pretty tablecloth my mother-in-law didn’t want (she said I should keep it for our own home) and voila! my corner of the office looks nice now :)

Now, I’m on the lookout for a tablecloth with these sequin table overlays to add a bit of glitz and glamour for our dark brown dining table. Wish me luck!

I love fermented foods

In the past few years, I’ve tried quite a lot of new foods and fermented foods have become one of my favourites.

Hubby finds it a bit sadomasochistic – he wonders why I’d want to eat anything that looks and smells ghastly e.g. kefir, stinky tofu and yoghurt.

Well, I have a weak stomach:

– I cannot take spicy food like chillies and tom yam, which sucks quite a lot of joy out of life;

– I get a lot of gas after I eat chickpeas although I love hummus! Once, we ate at a super yummy Turkish restaurant but I spent the WHOLE night with a distended stomach. The next time we ate there, Hubby only allowed me one measly teaspoon of hummus :(

Anyway, I read that your stomach needs “good bacteria”, which I probably lack of. Due to that, I’ve been trying to eat fermented foods every chance I get e.g. kim chi, yoghurt and now, natto :)

When I explained to the Hubs what natto was, he cringed. When he saw how stringy it is, he declined LOL

Interestingly, it tastes good especially when you eat it with lots of wasabi – it smells like old socks though!

My son actually wanted to try one of the natto maki I had (unlike my wimpy Hubby) – I was so proud of my fussy eater :D

Next, I’m going to try natto with freshly-cooked rice and a raw egg!

Mmm…anyone wanna join me?