What to Wear for Winter?

I’ve been spring cleaning my wardrobe in preparation for cold days ahead and had fun trying on my winter wear.

For starters, I am glad that I can still fit into my trench coat:


Thank God the corduroys fit too.

Boots are also looking and feeling good with no moss or mould but I’m still trying to pair up my leg warmers and socks.

I also managed to track down a pair of gloves although I’m also looking into Cozy Winters Reviews, which keep your fingers warm and toasty in the freezing cold winter air.

I’ve also found a few favourite scarves but I think I’ll just need one.

I think I’m all set for the chilly air. Skincare and make-up next!


Plus Size Fashion

Please forgive me if I seem judgmental when walking past plus-size ladies indulging in ice-cream, especially if they’re struggling to look good in outfits below:


Why am I judgmental? Because I used to be plus-sized too.

Oh yes!

You wouldn’t be able to guess it if you see me now but yup, I had to shop at the Reject Shop and such for American sized XXL t-shirts and jeans when I was a teen.

Nowadays, you can easily find beautiful plus-sized dresses online:

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But if you asked me, I’d say, “Drop the pounds, girl!” You’ll have even more fun with fashion 🙂

Wanna know how I lost all that weight? Just contact me here.


Struggle Street

I was watching this documentary that shows the slums of Sydney, Australia (yes, they do have slums) and wow, reality bites in the 21st century.


Since we’re always shown glossy brochures or tourism TV ads about how wonderful Down Under is, we think that everything in a developed country is perfect.

One young man I know applied for his temporary working visa online all by himself and got a job as a fruit picker.

He’s there for more than a year now and here’s what he shared:

a) Fruit picking is hard work!!! He was muscular and well-built but later, I could see him looking lean in his Facebook photos. He’s happy about all the fresh fruits he’s eating though.

b) One of his friends is a busker on the side 🙂
He’s quite proud of his friend because he can earn a few Aussie dollars singing and strumming on his Les Paul Classic Guitars.

c) He’s made a lot of friends from all over the world since he’s rooming in with them – about 8-10 in a tiny house.

A lot of backlash has come up after the Struggle Street was aired last year but I think that there are lot of hopeful stories too:

a) Graceades Cottage – a hang-out for teens and young adults where they can work out at a gym and other activities. We need more youth centres like this!

b) Chris – a young man who’s living with his aunt. He’s NOT into drugs and he’s been called for job interviews. He got the job!

c) The Street University where kids can sing and dance and do something creative that keeps them off the streets. They’ve got a music programme that helps pull students out of depression and suicide.

I hope that the new season of Struggle Street will show a more positive picture of the people.