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Food. Health. Happiness ^_^

Many people like the big city but me, I love small towns.

Oh yes, give me the one Main Street, farmer’s markets and the “everybody knows your name” small town.

Like Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and many famous country musicians, I grew up in a small town where we spent quality time with each other.

We had Christmas parties, we sang, we danced – we have a lot of good, clean fun 🙂

Last night, my son gave me a leaflet that invited us to a presentation on “effective parenting”.

Did you know what he said?

“I think parents are more effective when they spend time with children, right? How can they be ‘effective parents’ when the parents spend 2 hours in a hall listening to a talk?”

Yes, my dear, and I am glad that he appreciates what spare time Mum and Dad have to give to him.

Whenever we have a free weekend, we make plans for what we can do, where we can go and since they’re into music now, which guitar center music stores they can pop in to 🙂


5 May 2008

I was told that I need to starve from food and water from 12 am last night for the endoscopy.

So, we had a pig-out session. Or Mother’s Day celebration. Or belated birthday dinner. We had a lot to eat and laugh about. The boy didn’t eat much but he sure enjoyed himself, esp to the nice music…too bad his cousins didn’t join us.

The glutton I am, I thought I’d *starve* – just before the stroke of midnight, I drank a mug of soy protein and my last glass of water.

I woke up the next morning feeling quite normal. I’m such a drama queen 🙂 Then, we drove to the hospital and arrived bright and early.

Following the nurse, I was brought into a whole new world behind the reception. Wow! There was a mini ward of about 5 hospital beds behind it… [click to continue…]