“Frozen” Birthday Party

If you know me, you’ll know that I hate the TV, especially Disney (read about our trip to Disneyland Hong Kong).

Thus, I can’t recall how or why I bought the “Frozen” DVD for the kids because now, my daughter is hooked on it!

i) she sings “Let It Go” again and again and again and again and again
ii) she drapes a blanket or a pink towel around her shoulders and uses a clothes peg to secure it – she even insists on wearing it outdoors but I firmly said NO.
iii)she loves it when I call her “Queen Elsa” LOL
iv) she wants anything and everything related to Frozen.

We were invited to a Frozen birthday party a while back and her brother remarked, “I think she will be VERY EXCITED!”

Here’s what the little girl’s mother had at that birthday:

1. A Frozen birthday cake - Interestingly, the cake toppers are ALWAYS out of stock! That made me quite anxious as my little girl’s birthday is just a couple of months away. Then again, do I want to pay US$25++ for them???

2. Queen Elsa’s dress
Of course, every little girl around the world who has watched “Frozen” wants to be Queen Elsa.

Now, I have learned that Queen Elsa’s costume must have white gloves and the oh-so-important cape!


I managed to buy a similar dress online (“Frozen” Queen Elsa’s Deluxe Girl’s Costume (4-6X)). Phew!

She LOVES it and has been wearing it already and guess what? She still adds a trailing cape although the dress already HAS a cape. Duh.

I’ve yet to find a tiara though.

3. Birthday presents
At the birthday party we attended, almost everyone bought the little girl a Barbie doll or a Queen Elsa doll, which I thought was so boring and predictable??!!

Since I didn’t know the girl well, I let my son choose the birthday present and he bought her a book :)

The little girl was quite pleased because it was different. Plus, it turns out that she also likes to read. I think my boy chose a ice/snow-themed book that came with a glittery cover coz the other girls ooh-ed and aah-ed when she unwrapped it LOL

For my daughter, frozen-storybookA Tale of Two Sisters (Frozen) (Step into Reading) would be nice since she’s learning to read now.

She received one of these lovely sticker books for her birthday:

I only buy my children presents during their birthdays and Christmas and even then, the presents tend to be books or something practical.

For a change, I may get her this Disney “Frozen” Complete Story Playset because she’s always having imaginary conversations with her cars, soft toys and other objects.


She’s been coming home bursting with excitement over her friends’ birthday goodie bags and insisting that we make her goodie bags just as fun too.

I am glad that she’s thinking as much about her classmates as she is of herself on her birthday.

Her current schoolbag is quite ratty (thanks to all her “artwork”! I don’t understand how she’s such a messy girl – her brother is seriously neater than her) but I’m wondering if I can stand ANOTHER year of Elsa and Anna???

I’ve seen this Disney “Frozen” Princess Elsa and Anna School Backpack on sale…



I’ve got to order some fried vermicelli, make a fruit salad and include a cold dessert!!!

Not to forget some Ribena or some other kid-friendly drink…stress, stress.

IN THE END, I was soooooo busy at work that the goodie bag ended up with:
– stationery sets (a mix of Ben 10, Mickey Mouse and Winnie the Pooh)
– raisins (NOT! The kids ate up the stock)
– chocolate – check
– need to order organic lollipops from iHerb (NOT! Mummy was too busy to order from iHerb)
– a handful of balloons – a HUGE hit with the kids who took them out and immediately started to blow them up or ask ‘Uncle’ to help. The little one showed off to her friends that HER father can only help her to blow up HER balloon :)
– miniature LEGO sets – I scored on this last one because we were literally 45 minutes to PARTY TIME. Hubby was hyperventilating but I rejoiced coz I got a good deal from a wholesaler.

Grabbing the big bag of toys, I set to work stuffing 25 goodie bags (randomly having a mix of boy and girl figures) while Hubby drove to pick up the cold dessert, fried noodles and then quickly took them down to the classrooms before the kindy teachers gave me the evil eye.

We saw a few other “Supermoms” and “Superdads” and their party team hastily carrying in their own food and loot too LOL See how scared we are of the kindy teachers???

I didn’t even have time to charge my camera battery – luckily, there were a few bars left for me to capture the important moments of my 5 year old daughter’s class party. :)

While the class teacher tackled the kids, the food and the goodie bags, my sweetie pie came to me and said:

“I love you, Mummy…this is the best day ever. I am so happy!!!”

Then she reached up to give me a hug and a kiss. None for the poor father who did all the grunt word, though LOL

Chatting with my colleagues about our kids, I realized how much my little girl has grown over the past year. Read here. Slow down, kid…

Football Fever

I am not a football/soccer fan, which means I do not really know or follow any football/soccer team.

The only thing I do is watch some World Cup games IF the timing fits into my schedule.

I also buy football/soccer jerseys IF I like the colour/design of that team. Also, I tend to choose teams very, very selectively.

Other than that, I also buy football/soccer jerseys/suits for the kids IF they are cheap. ┬áIn other words, I buy knock-offs because I can’t afford the real thing.

Why am I blogging about this?

First, my son somehow feels that I am a football fan because the other night, he whispered to me that Liverpool/Real Madrid won the match.

I find it cute yet funny because he was sooooo serious about it that I nodded solemnly and said OK although I had no idea which match he was talking about. Obviously, he has been reading the newspapers or following the news somewhere…

I also think it’s nice he can tell his blur old mother about stuff like this :)

Next, if you read my previous post about the “little emperors“, I must have hit the jackpot with them because I may have happened to mention the current favourite team or something because almost ALL of them nodded / smiled with approval.

It was hilarious because drowsy, glazy-eyed fellas actually perked up, sat up straight and actually exchanged looks and smiles across the room with each other!

The best part is that the fellas that I have been hearing a lot about i.e. supposedly the “troublemakers” are turning out to be some of the best in my books.

Seriously, they come on time, they are extremely polite, they follow the rules, they do their best.

If they have done something wrong, they don’t even protest but graciously do what’s necessary to make up for it!

Troublemakers? Nope, perfect role models :)

Plus, a few girls also came over to chat with me about SOCCER! Hahahaha…I felt like Bridget Jones when she chats with Salman Rushdie at a mixer.

I am puzzled but pleased.

Is it football??? What would happen if I mention the rival team?

Little Emperors

Recently, I read “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (pardon the politically incorrectness of the selection) to the kids and now they are quite smitten by the story.

Since I get bored with the same old story, I am thinking that I should tell them my own bedtime stories. Here’s one to start off with:

1. Pu Yi – Better looking than the real Pu Yi, he’s also more enthusiastic and exuberant. He’s also been calling his fellow countrymen and countrywomen to jump onto the bandwagon (!!!) and he’s innocently excited about it when he tells me so. I can only smile.

He gave me a heart attack once when he replied his friend from another region in AN EXTREMELY LOUD VOICE. I waited breathlessly to see if that friend may just deck him in the face but thankfully, that gentleman responded with much grace. Now, they may even get on like a house on fire.

2. Prince of Egypt – Handsome, regal and tall, the Prince walked into the room and sat right in front of me. Since the other testosterones were filling up the room and the clever girls sort of clustered together away from them, I didn’t notice him.

His Majesty decided to address me and was displeased when I showed ignorance of his country of residence. I humbly apologized and the Royal was appeased. Then, His Majesty proceeded to take leave, of which I was suitably suspicious.

After a brief but eloquent exchange, His Majesty decided that this midget is actually Medusa.

Honestly, I found it a bit nerve-wracking talking with the prince-ling since he is charming and courteous. Thanks to my poker-playing father, I called my bluff and His Majesty folded his cards :)

He also kept his word and showed up as he had promised. Plus, he helped with housekeeping and shows a lot of promise. I am hoping that as a leader of the pack, he will set a shining example for future pharaohs. He enjoys his box seats.

3. Genghiz Khan – Moody, he growls when he feels like it or when he’s call on. Unpredictable, unfathomable. I wish he’d pay more attention to his expanding empire…

4. The Happy Prince – The rightful Genghiz Khan, he is more Olaf than Hans. Because of that, he is always dreaming of summer!

5. Pu Yi II – Quiet and reflective, he’s my trump card because he makes me laugh. He’s a smart guy and I hope that he’ll come out of his shell soon to save his country…

6. King Solomon – Smart and insightful. A royal treasure.

7. King Edward VIII – He knows what he wants but it’s yet to be seen if he’ll do it takes.

I am waiting for the day when the Prince of Egypt, the Happy Prince and King Edward VIII will meet to discuss current affairs – will it turn out to be a Clash of the Titans??? Stay tuned.