Little Emperors

Recently, I read “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” (pardon the politically incorrectness of the selection) to the kids and now they are quite smitten by the story. Since I get bored with the same old story, I am thinking that I should tell them my own bedtime stories. Here’s one to start off with: … [Read more…]

Red Hot Chilli Peppers or là jiāo (辣椒)!

Hahaha, of course I don’t know if these guys (the band) are called that in Mandarin I do know that chillies are called “hot peppers” là jiāo (辣椒), chilli sauce that we’re familiar with is actually “sweet chilli sauce” or tián jiàng (甜酱) while peppers / capsicum are called “sweet peppers” or tián jiāo (甜椒). … [Read more…]

Play-By-Ear Guitar?

One weekend, we brought the kids out for dinner. After dinner, our daughter a toy acoustic guitar while our son asked for a water gun. Kids being kids, they wanted to play with each other’s toys…anyway, we ended up buying another water gun. The acoustic guitar? Interestingly, my robot-Lego-b-Daman-Transformers crazy kid kept himself busy fiddling … [Read more…]

Hacked! Spammed!

Hello, hello especially to those out there who are still following this blog First, you’ll notice the “comments off”. As much as I love discussions on the blog posts, I have disabled comments because I’ve had harrowing months of SPAM, with an interesting range of stuff and services from China, Japan, Russia (???). Oh my … [Read more…]

Lazy Cat (懶惰貓)

In English, if someone is lazy, they’d be called an ass (a donkey). In Chinese, if someone is lazy, they’d be called a lazy cat or a lazy worm! In fact, there are children’s songs sung about these lazy animals I’d agree on the lazy cat since I dislike cats but a lazy worm? That’s … [Read more…]

You can speak Mandarin?!

You can speak Mandarin?!

One of the best things about learning a foreign language is surprising the native speakers It’s twice the fun when it’s least expected of you hehehe You see, I put on a poker face when I am at work. I’ve been working with a group of Chinese for a few weeks and they had been … [Read more…]

Lanterns for Mid-Autumn Festival

Lanterns for Mid-Autumn Festival

Last year, we started our “Mid-Autum Festival” celebrations First, I brought the kids to buy a paper lantern each. The big boy chose a Dragon for himself while the little girl opted for a Fish. I can’t remember if I bought them mooncakes or not. All I know is that we were quite busy with … [Read more…]