Acoustic Mashups

Nowadays, I find myself playing more music than anything else because all of us are just tired of books and TV. We have been listening to all kinds of music and one of the fun things I discover that like are acoustic mashups! I’m sure you must have seen or heard the mashup of Taylor … [Read more…]

Haze is yīnmái (阴霾)

Isn’t it ironic that Malaysians, Indonesians and Singaporeans have to put up with the haze every year? This year, I’m watching some videos on how to cope with “unhealthy” air levels: Below is the haze situation in Singapore in 2013 – you’d see the same photos in 2014 in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia actually. Source … [Read more…]

How to make jiao zi (Chinese dumplings)

Ever since we tasted these soft, succulent dumplings during our last trip to China, the kids and I have been hankering for jiao zi (or Chinese dumplings). We were truly fortunate to witness 2-3 Chinese ladies, from Anhui, deftly wrapping these delicacies The ladies smiled kindly at the kids looking on curiously while we waited … [Read more…]

The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices


Now that China is set to become the #1 Super Power of the World, many people assume that the Chinese are rich. That’s the thing about the Chinese, I guess. Chinese weddings are grand and glittery affairs and Chinese New Year is all red and gold, one tends to associate (and that’s the intent) the … [Read more…]