Bob Marley and Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Did you know that May is the month for Skin Cancer Awareness?

Also, did you know that the late Bob Marley died from a skin cancer (toenail melanoma) called Acral lentiginous melanoma (ALM)? He’d discovered a black streak on his big toenail after hurting his big toe in a football injury.

This blog provides a more comprehensive overview of Bob Marley’s journey with skin cancer.

Was his skin cancer preventable? This blog seems to think so. While most fair-skinned people are concerned about sun exposure and sunblock/sunscreen, many blacks/dark-skinned/Asians are in the high-risk group.

The irony? Skin cancer hits them in areas where the sun doesn’t shine -_-

How to prevent skin cancer by the Mayo Clinic

One of my fair-skinned American colleagues had skin cancer when she found a mole on her foot. She had it surgically removed and she’s fine now.

Unlike most Americans, she stays away from the sun – she wears a big hat, big sunglasses, sunblock and she keeps her kids out of the sun too. She takes skin cancer very, very seriously.

I have to admit that I was pretty shocked to hear her story but now that I’ve read about Bob Marley’s skin cancer, I realize how serious it is. Take care.

Who is Wang LeeHom?

The journey towards learning Mandarin has been a long and hard road with a lot, a lot, a lot of practice and patience. The reward? Beautiful Chinese songs :)

Yup, our son loves to sing Mandarin songs and one of his favourite artistes is Wang LeeHom. In Mandarin, he’s 王力宏 and the boy goes on to explain that it’s Wang from King, Li from ??? and Hom from Hero. All I know is that he’s a super cute American-born Chinese based in Taiwan.

This handsome lad can not only sing, he plays the piano, the violin, the drums, the guitar and it seems that he’s acted in a few movies too.

While I love his ballads and his hip-hop songs, I also love the songs where he infuses Chinese elements like the erhu and the Beijing opera especially in Hua Tian Cuo – 花田錯.

Another mind-blowing one that has hip-hop, rap and a Chinese flute called koudi is named “Girlfriend”. I wonder if the koudi needs a cane like the oboe?

I’ve just listened to another one called “Deep Within the Bamboo Grove” but that was a bit too heady for me.

LeeHom Wang is such a creative and experimental singer I’m not surprised that he’s got such a huge following both among the young and the old, male and female. Do you like Wang LeeHom too?